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Please send us your opinions on our pages and also your memories of your travel to Turkey. We will publish them in this page for the other readers to share your experience. Thank you very much for your time.

Hi, As a Turkish citizen, I found your article about Turkish Cuisine excellent and amazingly accurate. Furthermore, you have captured the interaction between food and social life extremely well, and brought back a lot of memories to me. Thank you very much for this wonderful article.

Gokhan Usanmaz, Memphis, Tennessee-USA

I am an Armenian born in the USA. I found information concerning the areas that my ancestors came from.

Charles Kapriel Sivaslian

To Mr. Sivaslian -

Dear Sir, obviously your forefathers were from Sivas, a town about 4 hours driving straight east of Ankara where I live. In a few days I will be driving there for business at a coal mine and power plant. Should you so wish, I would be delighted to mail you a postcard from Sivas and send any info you would like. My e-mail address is [email protected] and fax no is 90-312-440-8640.

Ibrahim Caglayan, Turkey

I am a Turk who is living in the US. I have been fascinated with your homepages on Turkey. You have done a marvelous job of providing very valuable information on Turkey and Turkish Culture. The content, the language and the unbiased comments that are used in your descriptions are the highest quality. I made a bookmark of your sites and will make links from my homepages. I will also recommend your site to everyone who asks me a question about Turkey. Thank you very much for a job so well done. Sincerely,

Leman Uyuklu, USA

Congratulations. Your site has been chosen as an outstanding source of content and thus is being featured on the latest NBNSOFT Content Awards Page

Liz Tompkins, USA

Brilliant. I have at last managed to find details of the Eastern Turkish Black Sea coast. The tourist map of Turkey was useful. I now know where I'm heading this summer.

Matt Crompton, England

Your site is very well prepared. I am impressed.

To Mr. Matt Crompton of England -

Sir, I am from the Eastern Black Sea Region, from Trabzon to be precise. If there is anyway I could provide you with more info I would be delighted to do so. All others with similar questions may write to me at [email protected] I am US trained engineer now living in Turkey.

Ibrahim Caglayan, Turkey

Great resource about Turkey! I have seen the country only recently. If you love Mediterranean culture and hospitality then it is a MUST to visit this hidden jewel of the eastern Mediterranean region...

John Stevenson, USA

I have just returned from Turkey and discovered your web site. The country is fantastic and I will be returning in 1997. The Turkish people are the most friendly I have ever talked to. I have marked this site and will return to it in the near future. Gumbet is where I stayed and I will recommend to everyone, you will love it.

Louise Foster, Canada

Turkish food is one of my favorites as I lived in Adana for 18 months.
The bread (ekmek) is wonderful. I have a cook-book but there is no bread recipe. Also no tea or coffee. Did I miss the recipes at your site? Do you know where I might find Turkish recipes?

Janice Buchanan, U.S.A.

I am looking to teach at an International School in Turkey particularly Istanbul and Spain particularly Madrid or Barcelona.
Could you help me to locate these schools perhaps addressed so that I can contact these institutions.
Thank you very much,

Barbara Sale, U.S.A.

I was just wondering how much the cheapest one way to Athens Greece by train from Istanbul would be in U.S or perferably Canadian dollars ?
Thank you,

Mark.., Canada

I am moving to Ankara for three years and looking for a comfortable accommodation. Could you please suggest me anything?
I have another question; I have read your web page about the hotels in Ankara. How could I get more information about them?
Thank you very much in advance. Best regards,

Pepe Moeder, Italy

Congratulations on your web site. It's pretty impressive.
I'm a graduate student at Indiana University and currently I'm taking a course on web page design in which I'm preparing a web page for my home town Izmir inTurkey.
The reason why I'm writing to you is that I would like to use one of your images that appear on one of your pages. The name of the image is trkey_t.gif on The project is merely for educational purposes but the pages will appear on the world wide web. I kindly request that you grant the permission to use the above mentioned image on the page I'm preparing. Your prompt and favourable reply will be highly appreciated.

Tarkan Kacmaz, U.S.A.

My name is Laurie and I'm not sure you can help but I have to try. I am looking for some blown glass figures that are supposed to be from turkey. They are of different shapes such as fish, a cross, anchore, ect. If you could be of any help I thank you, maybe even give me some dirrection in which to look.

Laurie, U.S.A.

Bir Pop Turk Bestecisinin ismini bulmaya calisiyorum. Kendisi Demirkirat'i ve M.A.Birand'in TV serisinin muzigini bestelemis. Isminin bas harfleri FA. Bilginiz varsa yardim eder misiniz? Tesekkur ederim.

H.L'Johnson, U.S.A.

I am an importer of textiles, and am looking for companies that manufacture trimmings (passamaneria) in Turkey. Can you please send me any information you might have on any trimming manufactures?
Thank you,

Ralph Quatraro, Canada

Dear Focus,
My wife and I are taking our 4th trip to Turkey and 3rd to Izmir. Our tour agency listed the Grand Mercure Hotel in Izmer, a substitution for the Hilton, which we know. We have been uanable to locate the hotel or its classification in any hotel reference or is it listed in you hotels of Izmir. If you have any informatiion on this hotel, would you please provide it us. You have a great web page and service. I will know as much as our tour guide from the data we have from your information. Thanks. Best regards,

Terry Carraway, U.S.A.

I have been looking for the recipe to a Doner. I had one in Germany, but now live in Boise- not much on Turkish culture. I you have it or know where I can find it please e-mail it to me!
Much thanks,

Amzie Lea, Boise

I am a member of the U.S. Air Force.
Please, can you tell me how I can get an e-mail address from anyone who lives at Incirlik AB? I am going to be stationed there myself and would like to communicate to someone who can receive and send e-mail. My wife and I sure are excited and look forward to living in this interesting and wonderful country!

Paul Harman, U.S.A.

Hello there,
I enjoyed being on your web page. Actually I was surfing your page in search of manufacturers of Turkish Style Glasses (Vases), Roman Glasses and Byzantian Glasses.
Some of the pictures which you have pasted about these glasses on your page is marvellous and I am very interested to get connected with the manufacturers of those kinds of glasses for my own collection.
I am also very interested in middleastern fashion jewelleries of Turk, Egypt, Bosnia, Rome etc. Would you be able to provide me the information on that please....
Hope to hear from you soon......
Thankyou very much in advance!!!

Seema Khan, U.S.A.

I wanted to explore the possibility of getting middle-eastern fashion jewelleries. Would you be able to provide me your catalogue of sample along with the pricing. I am planning to open a retail jewellery business and want to include middle eastern jewellery in my collection.

Seema Khan, U.S.A.

I found a lot of great recipes on the internet, but am looking for Kasarli Pide, I hope I am at least close on the spelling!!
Spent 2 1/2 yrs. in Ankara for High School a few years ago, and I miss this dish so much !!! Anyway to make it ????
Thank you for any help you can give,

Kimberly, U.S.A.

While searching for some useful information for my homework, I found your great web pages.
Good work.
Hande Zapsu, Istanbul-Turkey

I will be traveling through Turkey for three weeks in early May. I am concerned with whether Levis or pants are acceptable for women, or if I should plan to wear skirts. We want to be properly dressed both for social acceptance and comfort. Thank you,
Martha Beecher, U.S.A.

Dear Sir, Madam
Hereby, I would like to ask you send me full information about hotels and price, excussions of the city Kusadasi.
An illustrated folder and a city-plan would be very welcome. Thanking you in anticipation and looking forward to you reply,
I remain,
Yours faithfully

Henk Timmermans, Holland

Dear Sir or Madam,
I and my wife and child are planning a holiday in Turkey. Our circumstances are rather unique in that I live and work in Moscow, Russia while my wife lives and works in France. My wife has been trying to book reservations for a hotel in Dalaman, Turkey. The three hotels of interest, or at least the three hotels represented by the Travel Agency -- Bureau Marmara (10 Tour Dalaman) were the Binlik, Antik and King. We were most interested in the first (Binlik) and am interested in obtaining a fax or telephone Number. I am thinking to book a reservation without the Travel Agency as they have asked my wife for a rather large supplement for me. I prefer to deal directly with the hotels. If you should have another suggestion for our stay in Dalaman, please do not hesitate to mention it.
I thank you in advance for your help.
Yours sincerely,

Robert Jensky, Russia

Subject: The smallest statue of world

To whom it may concern, The smallest statue of world, which took two years to create, is in the form of a bust. Its height is 8mm. and width is 4,5 mm. It is made of agate which is very difficult to process and which is very precious because of this reason. This statue is smaller than a chickpeas and details can only be seen under a microscope. This handmade statue is invaluable, as no high technology is used during the sculpting process.
Another reason that makes this statue beyond compare is the fact that is the bust of Atatürk, the great Turk who established the Republic of Turkey.
We wish that we could have send you the photo or the video tape of this bust. But when we zoomed out the pictures taken by camera or the video camera, we saw that is not apparent enough to show the details. We apologize for this reason.
Yours sincerely.

Dr.Ömer ENGÎN (Med.Dent.) - Dr.Sükran ENGÎN (Med.Dent.)
Istanbul / TURKEY

I lived in Yalova in the mid 60's and to this day can smell the sour dough in the air. I am looking for a recipe for ekmek and any help you can give me locating a recipe would be appreciated.

A reader from the U.S.A.

Dear Sir!
Please send me more information about Turkey holiday ( including prices - approximately August).
I'll be grateful for any help!
Sincerely Yours,

Andrei Nossov, Latvia

My Mother-in-Law is going to Turkey in May and is very interested in going on a wagon ride up to see the Sanctuary of Hephaistos and the Chimera fire. She is concerned about lodging in the area. Can you help me?

Robert Dudley, U.S.A.

In mid June I will be in Turkey with a group from Minnesota in the United States. I am interested in any information you can provide me about orphanages, children's hospitals or other medical programs that may be in need of things we could bring - equipment, children's clothes, toys, books or whatever. Please let me know. My specialty area is children with disabilities but I would also be interested in any medical focus for this trip.
Please email me at [email protected]

Carole Sellars, U.S.A.

I am interested in a charter for 4 people in the later part of July for a gulet. Please send any information to e-mail : [email protected]
Thank you,

A reader from the U.S.A.

Hello my name is Rami and I am from Israel.
I want to know how can I send an email to Marmara Hotel in Istanbul.
Rami, Israel

I would like to know about companies that take trekkers to climb Mt. Ararat. My e-mail address is: [email protected]
Thank you,

Judi L.Baker, U.S.A.

Dear Sir or Ma'am,
I represent SKEETER AND THE THREE NOTES, a jazz/blues band here in the states. I would appreciate it if you could email me an adress where I could send promotional material on the band for consideration in either the 1997 or 1998 Istanbul International Jazz Festival.

Bonnie Cohen, U.S.A.

I have been really interested in visiting your Web site especially about Turkey.
I'm planning to travel throughout this country next summer with my camper so I think that your list of camp sites will be very useful to me. Do you have any information about the average rate of a camping in Turkey or do you know where I could find this information?
Thanks for your reply and your Web.

Christian, France

Hi. I have just discovered your fine pub auite by accident. My daughter just returned from a tour that included Ephesus and other places in Turkey and Greece. In looking up Ephesus with Quarterdeck's Web Compass I noticed a lot of pages from your site so I decided to look at just your site to wee what was there.
As I said, wow! Excellent work. Since I have found the index I see you have much more than an evenings reading available, in fact much more than quite a few evenings, therefore I have a question for you. How long will the site contain this particular information? Is this something I have to copy to my computer quickly or is it a site I can continue to brouse for a long time? I am of Sicilian heritage, and I am a second generation citizen of the USA, but I have a strong interest in the areas you cover.
Thank you for your work, I hope it will be here next time I come by.

Hal Davis, U.S.A.

Merhaba from Rome.
Thank you very much for providing such an excellent site.

Ersoy Yilmaz
Turkish Embassy

I am conducting a research about tour-operators which have tours to Mt. Ararat.Please send me information.Sincerly Yours..

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sezercan Tulga, Turkey

What a wonderful series of pages! I was fascinated with the information and sequence of headlines in the pages about my country, Turkey.
I did what you recommended and added you to my favorites and home page and will read all the pages about the other Mediterranean countries as soon as possible.

Murat KISACIK, Istanbul/Turkey

Looking for a person, we knew who might be in Turkey.
He is on a 32' Islander names Freedom V. His name is Gilles Savoir.
He is a Canadian. Last known port is in Turkey somewhere. Can you help me find him?

S. Harrison, U.S.A.

I am surfing the net for hours, looking for a tour to Turkey next July, leaving from Frankfurt Germany) or Zurich (Switzerland). Can you help me, please?
Thanks a lot,

Silvia Reis dos Santos, U.S.A.