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Liz Tompkins, USA

I am a Turk who is living in the US. I have been fascinated with your homepages on Turkey. You have done a marvelous job of providing very valuable information on Turkey and Turkish Culture. The content, the language and the unbiased comments that are used in your descriptions are the highest quality. I made a bookmark of your sites and will make links from my homepages. I will also recommend your site to everyone who asks me a question about Turkey. Thank you very much for a job so well done.

Leman Uyuklu, USA

I have been in your France pages looking for information on canal boats. Please can you tell me where I can make a booking and learn more etc.
Thanking you,

Brian Holloway, New Zealand

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would appreciate very much if you could list names and phone/fax of some growers or wholesalers of hazelnuts and macadamia nuts, so that I can contact them.
Thank you so much.

Henry Sun
SD Pacific Inc., U.S.A.

Hello from Puerto Rico!

[email protected]

We are Wendy and Walter Walker and we are exploring the World Wide Web and sharing our cyber-adventures with others on the WWW.
Your site is a real adventure!
You can find out how we discovered your site and what we had to say about it in the travel journal we are writing and posting once each week in the CyberPlaza section of Geocities.
Thank you for adding to our WWW adventure experience and we hope you invite us to come back someday. We still have a long way to go so must leave for now. Bye
Wendy and Walter, the Web Walkers, U.S.A.

Your service would better fill the needs of students if it contained political information. Such as; past wars, recent conflicts with other countries, national leaders and information regarding economic issues. Your service has been a great help.
Thank you,

Aimee W., U.S.A.

Dear Focus,
My wife and I are taking our 4th trip to Turkey and 3rd to Izmir. Our tour agency listed the Grand Mercure Hotel in Izmir, a substitution for the Hilton, which we know. We have been uanable to locate the hotel or its classification in any hotel reference or is it listed in you hotels of Izmir. If you have any informatiion on this hotel, would you please provide it us.
You have a great web page and service. I will know as much as our tour guide from the data we have from your information. Thanks.
Best regards,

Terry Carraway, U.S.A.

Can you help me?
I am trying to find out about this myth, which we are being to believe is American. I have heard Castilian is spoken with a lisp because there was once a king who lisped and he made every one speak like he did. We have found not documentation to prove this and some native Spainards who have been asked, have said they never heard this before. I have a professor who said she's found some information about a book being published long ago about a king with a lisp but she needs to do more research. If you have any ideas about this, whether or not it is in fact a myth, please let me know.

Kathy, U.S.A.

This sight is a wonderful resource for educators and students alike.

Courtnay Baker, U.S.A.

Excellent quality.
Nice clean graphics.
Very interesting content.

Daniel Maurice, Canada

My name is Louise Thériault and I am a teacher in tourism at La Cité collégiale in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
I am now preparing a Powerpoint presentation on Morocco for my geography course on Europe and I would like to insert some pictures form your nice Web site in my presentation.
Would you authorize me to do so. Please take note these pictures will be used only for educational purpose and that your Web site adress will be mentioned at the end of the presentation.
Thank you in advance for helping me to educate our future Canadian Travel Agents.

Louise Thériault
Coordinator and teacher of the Travel Agent Programme
La Cité collégiale, Canada

Hello Downunder!
I've had a great time probing your "Focus on Civilizations" site. My roommate was interested in the City of Ephesus and I happened onto your site. It was a very pleasant way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Best Regards,

Annette May, U.S.A.

Hi. I have just discovered your fine pub auite by accident. My daughter just returned from a tour that included Ephesus and other places in Turkey and Greece. In looking up Ephesus with Quarterdeck's Web Compass I noticed a lot of pages from your site so I decided to look at just your site to wee what was there.
As I said, wow! Excellent work. Since I have found the index I see you have much more than an evenings reading available, in fact much more than quite a few evenings, therefore I have a question for you. How long will the site contain this particular information? Is this something I have to copy to my computer quickly or is it a site I can continue to brouse for a long time? I am of Sicilian heritage, and I am a second generation citizen of the USA, but I have a strong interest in the areas you cover.
Thank you for your work, I hope it will be here next time I come by.

Hal Davis, U.S.A.

Well done!! As a Lebanese living outside of Lebanon for over 20 years I was really proud to find such informative, factually correct and unbiased information about my home country.
I look forward to seeing these pages grow with even more useful information.
Well done, keep up the good work.

Karim Hajjar, Omman

What a wonderful series of pages! I was fascinated with the information and sequence of headlines in the pages about my country, Turkey.
I did what you recommended and added you to my favorites and home page and will read all the pages about the other Mediterranean countries as soon as possible.

Murat KISACIK, Istanbul/Turkey

I strayed into your pages by chance. They are very informative and the photos are excellent. Who are you? Are these pages based on a print publication or is Focus only on the Internet?

Marilyn Brownrigg, Australia

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