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Please send us your opinions on our pages and also your memories of your travel to Tunisia. We will publish them in this page for the other readers to share your experience. Thank you very much for your time.

I have recently just got back from Tunisia and think that it is the best place in the world. How anyone can favour Europe over that wee gem is beyond me. The people are fabulous, and I think it is unfortunate that there is lots of lies told about this place. We (my friend and I ) had no form of hassle from anyone, and if anything, as two tourist women we were in a more secure situation than the tunisian men. I am planning to return there, and eventually live there. One cannot but be impressed with the modernisation programme and the way the country is developing. It is an exciting place with an exciting atmosphere.
Thank you,

Judith Barrass, United Kingdom

Memories of Tunisia...
My best memory is that Tunisia is where I met my husband, who is Tunisian. We have now been married for 3.5 years and for both of us it has been the best thing possible. Two cultures to share and enjoy, two sets of festivals to share and several languages to exchange ideas.
Tunisia is a wonderful place. His family have made me very welcome and I feel very special with them all. There is always someone to talk to, to laugh with and to enjoy life with. You are never lonely with Tunisian in-laws.

Jan Martin-Essoui, U.S.A.