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Sailing in the Balearic Islands The Balearic Islands -a beautiful Spanish enclave set in the Mediterranean Sea- are famous throughout the world.

Their climate, scenery and beaches are exceptional, and their inhabitants have a tradition for being particularly hospitable.

The capital of the islands -Palma de Majorca- is 132 miles from Barcelona, 287 from Marseille, 172 from Algiers and 140 from Valencia.

Port and Cathedral. Palma de Majorca It would appear that these islands are the ideal location for resting and relaxing since they contain all the necessary ingredients for achieving this aim: beautiful scenery, forests, fertile farmlands, quiet and secluded beaches with crystal-clear waters, interesting folklore, a mild climate and temperatures, and a first-class hotel industry.

In spite of the close proximity of the different islands and the very many common ties between them, each one has its own very different landscape. Majorca has a magnificent coastline consisting of rocky outcrops intermingled with many small coves that offer excellent sandy beaches. Menorca, on the other hand, is noted for its tranquility, while Ibiza has a personality all of its own. Formentera and Cabrera are extremely solitary islands.