The main purpose of the Foundation is to contribute, by all its means, in the field of music to the westernization processes undertaken by the secular Turkish Republic founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

The activities achieved by the Foundation to date in accordance with its objectives are as follows:

Encouragement of composers in the creation of such works,

Materialization of the premieres of these works,

Archives of these new works,

Contribution to the recording of these works on LP and CD,

Organization of chamber and symphonic music concerts, at home and abroad, with Turkish and foreign conductors and performing musicians,

Participation in scientific music seminars,

Organizing workshops and competitions,

Granting of scholarships to talented music students,

Recognition of composers, musicians, music pedagogues and scientists for their outstanding contribution to the promotion and development of music in line with the Foundation's objectives,

Organization of the International Ankara Music Festival.

All these activities, with the exception of the International Ankara Music Festival, are financed by the Foundation. The International Ankara Music Festival is subsidized by the Government and the Municipalities and, is sponsored by corporations and individuals.


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