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The Turkish Glass History


Turkish glass making began with the Seljuks in the 11 th century. Following the conquest, Istanbul became the center of Ottoman Turkish glass manufacture. A glass factory, established on the Asiatic shore of Bosphorus in 1795, produced the famous opaque twistware known as "cesmibulbul". In 1934, 11 years after the establishment of young Republic of Turkey, the glass industry featured in the first Industrial Plan, which envisaged first a factory producing 3.000 tons of bottles and tumblers per year, followed by a flat glass factory with a capacity of 2.000 tons. Turkiye Is Bankasi was entrusted with the task of founding these factories. Finally, in 1936 Turkish Glass Company "Sisecam" was founded.

Today, SISECAM is Turkey's leading glass Company using the latest technology to manufacture a wide range of glass PRODUCTSs, including flat glass, automobile glass, fibre glass in addition to glass tableware. Total PRODUCTSion is now one million tons per year, of which a high percentage is exported to 104 countries around the world under "Sisecam" brand which has now earned and international reputation.


Pasabahce is a part of Sisecam group of companies.

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