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The Glass Museum


SISECAMTurkiye Sisecam Fabrikalari A.S. (known as Sisecam and the parent corporation of Pasabahce) is responsible for maintaining the tradition of Anatolian Glass culture. In its efforts it has sought the collection and preservation of ancient glass works and established a modern museum to exhibit the items.

The museum houses over 488 pieces, dating from 600 years B.C. to the present day. Among these items are: glass covered vessels, Roman glassware, Byzantinium glassware, Beykoz glass and European glass.

There are also decoratively engraved rings, pendants, Urartu braclets and necklaces as well as, free blown and moulded Roman glassware and Byzantinium twisted, plain and painted braclets which date between the 5th and 15th centuries.

The most extensive collection is that of the Beykoz glassware. This group contains, clear and coloured glasses, opal glassware and cesm-i bulbuller ( a type of precious Turkish glassware); bottles, ewers,decanters,sugar bowls,rose water flasks, bowls,vases,plates and bird shaped ornaments - all of which reflect Turkish tradition.


Pasabahce is a part of Sisecam group of companies.

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