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About sixty-two years ago, on the 17 th of February 1934, the task of establishing the modern glass industry was given by Ataturk - the founder of Turkish Republic - to Turkiye Is Bankasi, a prominent state banking corporation serving since the foundation of the republic in 1923, to establish an industrial background to produce much needed glassware for household, industrial and scientific markets.

On the 15 th of August 1934, construction of the first factory was started at Beykoz - Pasabahce, in Istanbul.

The first PRODUCTSion started on the 4 th of July 1935, with only 400 employees. The development of Pasabahce Glassware was a culmination of the historical Bosphorus glassware PRODUCTSion tradition. The elegant technique of the past was further developed into the modern glassware PRODUCTSion industry of Today.

loading... The name of SISECAM is now synonymous with the entire glass industry of Turkey. The group, with 31 companies operates in four main lines of Businesses;

Flat Glass Business
Packaging Business
Glassware Business
Chemicals Business

While preparing itself to the challenges of the 21 st century, SISECAM targets comfortable lead in Turkey as well as a rising contender in the world glass industry.


Pasabahce is a part of Sisecam group of companies.

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