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History of Glass


Glass is thought to have been invented around 3000 BC during the bronze age. Historian Pliny relates this story about the discovery of glass making :

At the time of the Phoenicians, a commercial Cargo ship with a load of saltpeter anchored near the province of Prolemais in Syria. The sailors tried to light a fire on the sandy beach. Since they could not find any stones nearby to make a fireplace, they used some of the saltpeter from the ship. As the wood burned they saw that the sand and saltpeter fused together to from a transparent substance which flowed from the fireplace. In this way, by pure coincidence, the glass was discovered.

The first evidence of use of glassware in the eastern Mediterranean region was found in the cargo section of a sunken merchant ship as early as 2000 BC, near a southwestern town of Turkey, namely, Kas. Merchandise included ingots of blue glass formed by pouring molten glass into moulds.

Together with glass objects produced in Mesopotamia, glass making techniques were exported around the Mediterranean. Initially, they used glass blocks and carved them into different shapes.

The lost-wax technique was invented in the fifth century, which consisted of pouring the molten glass into a single outer mould made of beeswax. Traditional lotion bottles were produced by the inner mould technique until the 1 st century BC. This was followed by sandwich gold-glass, whereby gold foil was sandwiched between two layers of glass. Such vessels were made from the mid-3rd century BC onwards. During the Roman period the glass industry developed rapidly, and for the first time cheap mass PRODUCTSion became possible, particularly as a result of the blowing technique discovered in the 1 st century BC.

Glass found wide application in daily life. The invention of mirrors made by coating flat glass with silver or gold foil also dates from Roman times.

Within the History of Glass, Turkish Glass has developed a unique character of its own. After the foundation of SISECAM, the father company, in 1934, Pasabahce Company, specialised in glass tableware, and has been serving to the needs of both Domestic & Export markets with its high Technoloqy and marketing network.

Among the following pages, the eternal beauty of Glass is presented; with some masterpieces from our Glass Museum, and with some contemporary items from our catalogues.


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