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As of 28th of December 1997, you will find all our pages with a new page design and improved content. We continue to be the provider of the most comprehensive information about the Mediterranean culture, history, music, food and as well as its countries and tourism. Also, we will continue to improve and add new pages into our publication during the new year. Please come and visit us many times during 1998.
We wish you a happy and prosperous new year. Please enjoy your virtual travel in our pages.

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NEW May 1999

Dragos Yacht Building (15 May 1999)

  • Dragos builds complete custom design yachts. Wooden, steel, aluminium or composite hull, highest class equipment and superior design.
    Their yachts has a full in house design ability therefore avoiding confusion in making your dream a reality.

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NEW August 1998

Ciragan Palace Hotel (7 August 1998)

  • The Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski Istanbul, the former residence of the last Ottoman Sultans, is the first member of "The Leading Hotels of the World" in Turkey and the only five star hotel in Istanbul located directly on the European shore of the Bosphorus - the majestic strait dividing Europe and Asia and linking the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara.

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NEW February 1998

Stories for Kids - Nasreddin Hodja Stories From Anatolia. (08 February 1998)

  • Nasreddin Hodja stories are told in a vast geographic area extending from East Turkmenistan to Hungary and from Southern Siberia to North Africa. The stories have been translated into many languages.
    We hope you will enjoy these popular stories.

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NEW January 1998

Merit International Hotel & Resorts of Turkey. (21 January 1998)

  • Merit International Hotels & Resorts, Tourism Investment & Management Co. Inc., established in 1988 is a sub-company of Net Holding Group of Companies and is currenty operating 9 hotels and resorts with 1850 units serviced by over 1600 personnel.

Tekser Tourism & Travel Co.Inc. of Turkey. (24 January 1998)

  • TEKSER, founded in l979, is one of Turkey's most experienced and professional Travel Management Companies, offering "personalized service at its best" ,with a commitment to Total Quality Management.

Bosphorus Pasha Hotel of Turkey. (28 January 1998)

  • The Bosphorus Pasha Hotel makes even the briefest of business trips a journey into time, a journey enhanced with enjoyable moments. After gaining unforgettable memories of Istanbul the hotel's guests leave feeling as deeply refreshed and as peaceful as that after a long vacation.

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NEW November 1997

D&E Hotels of Turkey. (27 November 1997)

  • D&E Hotels, a group of 7 luxury hotels and resorts, offer you the best opportunity for a perfect holiday in one of the most beautiful peninsulas of the Aegean coast of Turkey, where the famous present-day resort-town of Bodrum which is also known as Halicarnassus since the antiquity, is located.

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NEW October 1997

NET Touristic Publications Industry and Trade Inc. (23 October 1997)

  • Net Touristic Publications was founded in 1982 with the purpose of presenting Turkish Culture worldwide. Net specializes in publishing printing and marketing information material, on places of touristic interest and also tourism assets of the country.

Andalusia Region of Spain (06 October 1997)

  • Tradesmen, conquerors, colonists, travellers all have come and gone. Andalusia has assimilated, absorbed, but has not copied: it has adapted.

Castilla La Mancha Region of Spain (05 October 1997)

  • The region of La Mancha - the largest in Spain - covers an area of almost 80,000 kmsq. and comprises of a wide range of different landscapes.

Madrid : The Capital City of Spain (04 October 1997)

  • Madrid has turned into the fable of Europe. It is called the capital of joy and of contentment.

La Rioja Region of Spain (03 October 1997)

  • It is a crossroads where many cultures settled. La Rioja has a history full of famous events.

Navarra Region of Spain (02 October 1997)

  • The Province of Navarra is situated in the north of Spain, between the provinces of Huesca, Saragossa. Logrono, Alava and Guipuzcoa, and the French border.

Balearic Islands of Spain (01 October 1997)

  • The Balearic Islands -a beautiful Spanish enclave set in the Mediterranean Sea- are famous throughout the world.

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NEW September 1997

Everyone Can Sail in the Bodrum Cup Wooden Yacht Regatta (Bodrum / Turkey) (30 September 1997)

  • Held annually since 1989 during every 3rd week each October, this fun event is a chance to take part in a sailing race in Turkey's wonderful southwestern waters where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean.

Focus on Perissia Hotels (Turkey) (16 September 1997)

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NEW August 1997

Focus on 4U2 Travel (10 August 1997)

  • 4U2 Travel of Melbourne is now offering best holiday and travel packages globally. You can arrange all your travel requirements from the comfort of your room, just by visiting this new online travel agent's virtual site in our pages...

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NEW July 1997

Focus on ERA Yachting (30 July 1997)

  • ERA can make your dream come true, the dream of cruising on board a traditionally built wooden yacht along one of the most fascinating coasts in the world, Turkey's southern shore.
Focus on ENKI - "Sophia" (04 July 1997)
  • The first adventure of Enki, "Sophia" has already begun. Don't miss this extraordinary adventure!
Focus on Deniz Camp (02 July 1997)
  • Magnificent beach front camp ground, bungalows, restaurant & bar, travel agency services and all other touristic facilities in the heart of Ölüdeniz. Strongly recommended!
Focus on Buzz Bar & Restaurant (02 July 1997)
  • At Buzz Bar sea front restaurant, you can start a cool summer evening meal with a selection of delicious Turkish mezes and enjoy the night with other specialities of the world famous authentic Turkish cuisine.
Focus on NET Holding (01 July 1997)
  • A giant corporation from Turkey. General areas of interest are : Real estate development, hotel management, construction, publication, investment, touristic retail, music and multimedia.

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NEW June 1997

Focus on Kids (Nasreddin Hodja Stories) (18 June 1997)
  • The humorous stories of the 13th century Anatolian folk character Nasreddin Hodja are going to be a continuing part of our pages from now on... Please do not forget to bookmark this address! You will enjoy it...
Focus on Liman Tepe Archaeological Site (16 June 1997)
  • 4000 years old settlement at Liman Tepe (Urla/Turkey) is known to be the oldest, as well as the longest inhabited center of the Aegean coast of Anatolia.
Focus on Hagia Sophia (14 June 1997)
  • One of the greatest monuments of Byzantium, Hagia Sophia was built in the 6th century in Constantinople. It is converted into a museum in 1935 and it is now one of Turkey's two most popular museums.
Focus on Greek Music (Greece) (01 June 1997)
  • Traditional Greek music, in midi format.

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NEW May 1997

Focus on Arabic Music (Egypt) (29 May 1997)
Focus on Arabic Music (Jordan) (29 May 1997)
Focus on Arabic Music (Lebanon) (29 May 1997)
Focus on Arabic Music (Morocco) (29 May 1997)
Focus on Arabic Music (Tunisia) (29 May 1997)
  • Some well known pieces of Arabic music in midi format; all files on these five pages are the same because of their common cultural background.
Focus on Music from Israel (27 May 1997)
  • Traditional Jewish music from all around the world, in midi format.
Focus on Egyptian Museum (26 May 1997)
  • The Egyptian government established the 'Service des Antiques de l' Egypte' in 1835 mainly to halt the plundering of archaeological sites and to arrange the exhibition of the collected artifacts owned by the government.
Focus on Le Grand Louvre (23 May 1997)
  • The Louvre, the richest of museums, has stood for more than 800 years and reflects stages of change in French life through the centuries.
Focus on Eklisia (10 May 1997)
  • Eklisia is an art centre located in a Byzantine church in Gümüslük, and is run as a non-profit organisation by the founder/director Mesut Pekergin, and Christel Roelans as codirector/curator.
Focus on Music from Turkey (9 May 1997)
  • 26 traditional music pieces from Turkey. All files are in midi format and downloading does not take more than 10 secs with a 28.8kbps modem.
Focus on Shapinuwa (Ortaköy) (8 May 1997)
  • One of the most important Hittite cities is obviously Shapinuwa. The city is situated on the northeast corner of the fertile Alaca plain and only 50 kms southeast of Corum, a central Anatolian provence in Turkey
Focus on Star Laboratories (5 May 1997)
  • A new successful fresh name from the vastness of the Australian continent... Star Laboratories...
    We are proud to present their professional and best selling range of cosmetic products from our environment!
Focus on ENKI (Comics) (1 May 1997)
  • Hello, my name is Erik Lönrott. My friends call me Enki because I apparently remind them of the famous Babylonian tale of Gilgamesh and Enkidu.
    My adventures are starting very soon. Please come and join me!

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NEW April 1997

Focus on Iliad (9 April 1997)
  • The famous poems of Homer, Iliad and Odyssey, were written in Ionian (language).

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NEW March 1997

Focus on SKYLINK TRAVEL (18 Mar. 1997)
  • Another distinguished Australian Travel Agent is now working with us!
    SkyLink is proud to provide excellent services for all your domestic and international travel needs.

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NEW February 1997

Focus on PASABAHCE (06 Feb. 1997)
  • Pasabahce, a giant Turkish glassware company favoured all over the world with its distinctive designs and high quality products , is on Internet now. Pasabahce having his roots in young Turkish Republic which was founded by Ataturk, is ready to take up the challenges of the 21st century.

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NEW January 1997

Focus on Kids (16 January 1997)
  • This new corner for the Kids offers games, quizes, stories and many other entertaining and educational pages. Kids of all ages can find something interesting here. Please come and visit!
Focus on Jordan (6 January 1997)
  • Jordan is a small Middle Eastern country, which is ruled by King Hussein as a constitutional monarchy. The country streches on different geographic areas with special features. There is the desert, fertile areas near Irbid, steep valleys near Wadi al- Mujib high mountains like al-Sharah mountains in the south and some areas, like the area surrounding the Dead Sea, that are 400 meters below sea level.
Focus on Tunisia (4 January 1997)
  • Tunisia, a small north African country by geography, but Arab by culture, has a rich cultural, traditional and social heritage, reaching back to the thousands of years ago. There are many cultures and races forming the mosaic of people living in Tunisia today.
Focus on Morocco (2 January 1997)
  • Morocco, a land of contrasts. Vibrant, seductive and exciting, a place where shadows merge with sunlight, where sky and sea meet at the horizon. Contrasting colours dissolve into flickering kaleidoscope of blue, copper, red, green, ochre, silver and gold.

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NEW December 1996

Focus on Lebanon (29 December 1996)
  • Lebanon has a distinct cultural background among all the other Arab countries with its half Christian and half Moslem population. This cultural and religious diversity has brought richly carved eastern and western traditions together, to form a unique country in this part of the Mediterranean region.
Focus on Italy (25 December 1996)
  • Since the Roman era the people of Italy has been creating with a great elegance and a distinguished taste. Visiting Italy is like a colorful dream and a fantastic voyage in a time machine. Nowhere else can you experience such magnificent architectural harmony on such a grand scale.
Welcome To KARADA (23 December 1996)
  • KARADA Tourism Enterprises fully owns and operates a bare boat charter fleet and a travel agency. The Headquarters of KARADA Tourism Enterprises is located in Istanbul and Liaison Office in NETSEL Marina Marmaris, which is the best one in Turkey.
Focus on Istanbul (21 December 1996)
  • Istanbul, with both its natural beauty, rich historical heritage, many lodging facilities and developed transportation system is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey. The point of entry for the majority of the tourists coming into Turkey is Istanbul.

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NEW November 1996

Focus on Spain (20 November 1996)
  • Spain has always been a country of frontiers, and this is the source of its true wealth. For this reason Spain is a country with a great heritage to maintain; the remains of its many different identities throughout its rich history. You will be amazed to see the colorful life and the environment of this unique Mediterranean country.
Focus on Malta (08 November 1996)
  • Malta has often been referred to as the island of sunshine and history. And with good reason. For throughout your stay in Malta you will find a plenty of both. If you want to enjoy Malta, soak up its history. History, in Malta, stares you in the face everywhere you visit on the islands. The good thing is that you will enjoy its captivating intensity.
Asitane Restaurant (06 November 1996)
  • The elegant restaurant at the garden level offers to the residents of Istanbul as well as hotel guests a fine chance of coming into memorable contact with the Turkish art of cooking.

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NEW October 1996

Focus on Egypt (29 October 1996)
  • Egypt id the cradle of civilization, the beacon of religion and the gateway to Africa. Cairo is the foremost capital on the African continent and lies at the centre of all routes leading to, and from the capitals of the three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe.

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NEW September 1996

Focus on Greece (28 September 1996)
  • Greece is the cradle of western civilization, the origin of drama and history and philosophy, the birthplace of democracy. It is hard to imagine what civilized life would be like today without the influence of ancient Greece...

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NEW August 1996

Pasabahce Glass Collection (30 August 1996)
  • A material which can not completely be possesed even though we have used it for 5000 years, a material the adventure of which is not yet finished... Glass...
History of Glass (26 August 1996)
  • Since the early ages of ancient civilizations, glass as a material has had an important place in human life. It has been utilized in many different forms ; from jewellery to weaponry and lately industry. During its 4500 years long journey, since its first invention, the quality, the chemical as well as the composition and the decoration of glass has changed dramatically.
SCA Music Foundation (16 August 1996)
  • The main purpose of the Foundation is to contribute, by all its means, in the field of music to the westernization processes undertaken by the secular Turkish Republic founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
Kavaklidere Winery (14 August 1996)
  • Today, the best bread in Turkey is also to be found in Ankara and, we believe, the best wine inthe country is made here at the Kavaklidere Winery. The Winery was founded in 1929 near what was then the small town of Ankara, amidst the vineyards of Kavakidere, which means 'valley of poplars' in Turkish.

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NEW July 1996

Focus on Turkey (Camping) (30 July 1996)
  • Camping whether by caravan or in tents enables the visitors to see a Turkey rarely seen by tourists; a country of small villages and charming provincial towns, a country wide open and un fenced, a country known for its hospitality and generosity.
Focus on Israel (Hotels) (18 July 1996)
  • Almost since the beginning of time Israel has attracted pilgrims of all persuasions - worshippers, artists, historians, environmentalists, adventurers and all other kinds of travellers. This is a very warm-welcoming country. It is a tradition of 3500 years... And the hotels in this country is no exception to this tradition...
Focus on Israel (12 July 1996)
  • Welcome to Israel.. Behind these words lies the desire to embark on a true voyage, a desire to explore a fabulous land of imaginary, a unique culture and history. A history of 3500 years, first and second Temples, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Galilee, Holocaust, State of Israel, Art, Culture People and many other subjects about Israel...

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NEW May 1996

Focus on France (29 May 1996)
  • Previously published files of France are updated and pictures are inserted into the pages. We hope that you will enjoy to read our pages on France and benefit from the information supplied with them.

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NEW February 1996

Recipes of Turkish Kitchen (20 Feb.96)
  • You will find more than 70 popular recipes of traditional Turkish cuisine in this section. We will continue to add more recipes from the world-famous Turkish cuisine during the following weeks.
    We hope you enjoy these delicious recipes.
METU Museum(University Museum) (19 Feb.96)
  • Middle East Technical University Museum stands out among the various museums. Most of the archaeological items which are exhibited in the museum were excavated from the university grounds.
Lycia (Anatolian Civilization) (13 Feb.96)
  • Ancient Anatolian civilization Lycia, along the southwestern coast of Anatolia is dominated by the massive mountain chains. Its boundaries start from Fethiye on the west and stretch down to the famous Pamphylian city of Antalya on the east.
Caria (Anatolian Civilization) (12 Feb.96)
  • According to the ancient Greek tradition Carians were the people who had migrated to the southwest of Anatolia from the surrounding Aegean islands. This mountainous area is surrounded by Ionia, Phyrigia and Lycia.
Phyrigia (Anatolian Civilization) (11 Feb.96)
  • Phyrgians were one of the tribes from the Balkans who settled into Anatolia after the destruction of Troia VIIa. These Indo-European tribes first began to migrate into Anatolia in the 12th century B.C.
Nemrut Dag (Anatolian Civilization) (11 Feb.96)
  • The famous statues of gods, goddesses, kings as well as the tumulus of 1.Antiochos Epiphanes, the king of Kommagene, are situated on Nemrud dagi (Nemrud mountain) which is located next to Kahta village of Adiyaman, a southeastern province of Turkey.
Tourism of Turkey (10 Feb. 96)
  • Other than the enhancements to the already existing files about the tourism of Turkey we have added new topics such as; wild water rafting, trekking, horseback riding, fishing, wind surfing and underwater diving.
Christianity In Anatolia (09 Feb. 96)
  • Anatolia has a special place in the history of civilizations. This ancient land has been an important site to many shrines of Christianity. The names of some of these holy shrines can be found in the Bible. The Seven Churches of Revelation, Harran, Ephesus, Tarsus and Antioch are among these famous shrines.
Islam In Anatolia (07 Feb. 96)
  • Islam has a special place in the recent history of Anatolia. Great Sufi leaders such as Haci Bayram Veli, Haci Bektas Veli, Yunus Emre and Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi are among the most important philosophers of mysticism.
Birds of Turkey (Index) (06 Feb. 96)
  • This large collection of data about the birds includes pictures and brief information for each one of approximately 100 different bird varieties living in Turkey. We believe you will find this section very interesting and informative.

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NEW Jan 1996

Catal Hoyuk (12 Jan. 96)
  • Catal Hoyuk was the oldest and largest settlement place in the Neolithic age. You will find a large number of 'first' attached to various findings from this site...
Hotels in TURKEY (04 Jan. 96)
  • A detailed list of Hotels in Turkey...
    You will find more than 1500 hotels from all corners of Turkey in these pages.

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