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Mete Sayici
General Coordinator

Semra Taskin
Info.System Manager
Yalcin Uzuner

Head Office :

Inonu Cad. Vakif Han
No 2/12 80090
Taksim, Istanbul

Tel : (90 212) 251 63 36
Fax : (90 212) 249 39 59

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Welcome to
NET® Holding A.S.

The Tourism Giant of Turkey

Net Group of Companies

NET® Holding A.S. is the holding company of the NET Group, the leading edge in the tourism sector in Turkey. The company was founded in 1981 as a financial organization to integrate all of the group companies under one umbrella. It provides direct and indirect subsidiaries with effective financial and managerial supervision, and plays a decisive role in the orientation of investments.

A touristic retail shop opened in 1974 as a collective enterprise of 100 professional tourist guides was the seed of the NET Group of today. NET is now the only institutional group of companies in Turkey with 46 companies and 5,000 employees, more than 255 million US Dollars of foreign exchange revenue, 26 million US Dollars EBIT, and 54 million US Dollars of exports. It also is one of the largest holding groups in the country.
Net Group of Companies
The Tourism Giant of Turkey

NET® Holding A.S., with more than 2.000 shareholders, is listed on Istanbul Stock Exchange. As of the end of 1996, the company has the paid capital of 9,996 milyar TL, with the registered capital ceiling of 10 trillion Turkish Liras. NET Holding A.S. accrued a net income profit of 3,222 billion TL from its activities in 1998*.

Net Group of Companies

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