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NET® Holding A.S.

Net Turizm has twelve stores designed for tourist shopping. The Company was established in 1974 for the production and sale of carpets, leather clothing, jewellery and souvenirs.
Since its establishment, Net Turizm has acquired a distinguished place in the Turkish tourism sector and has brought innovations and high quality standards o the sector through its modern concept of management. Net Turizm has contributed to the vivid atmosphere of tourism and developed its operations under this principle. the Company determines its objectives on the basis of the increased importance of tourism in the world today. At the turn of the new century, it plans to be one of the most expansive tourism companies not only in Turkey but also in the Mediterranean region.

Net Turizm has shares in 17 of NET Group of companies with majority of shares in 7 of them. The company gives management support to a number of other companies in the Group, operating in related fields, because of its many years of expertise in the market-place.
The NET Group is one of the biggest Holding Groups and the only well-organised group of companies operating in the tourism sector of Turkey. The NETGroup includes 41 companies employing nearly 5,000 people and achieving US$ 220 Million foreign currency earnings and US$ 45 Million worth of exports, annually.

The Bazaar 54 store in Nuruosmaniye operated in 6.000 square meters within the newly restored building, for being the most modern tourist shopping centre in Turkey's tourism sector. As the year passed, the Bazaar 54 stores developed into a large chain covering all major tourist areas of the country. Bazaar 54 Aspendos, which operates near the ruins of the historic Aspendos amphitheatre , has a covered area of 6.000 square meters and has a production capacity of approximately seven tons of jewellery Per year.

Bazaar 54 Cappadocia established in 6.500 square meters space, is well known for its top quality carpets with rich regional motifs that are produced on 65 full-size weaving looms. the 5.100 square meters store near the Antalya Free Trade Zone has experienced an encouraging level of traffic and brisk sales although this was only the first year of its operation.

Egenet Tourism Trade Inc.
The Bazaar 54 stores in the Aegean Region are operated by Egenet Tourism. Stores in this region began serving visitors arriving at Izmir by ship in 1978. Operations continued with stores set up in Selçuk Sultanköy in 1988 selling silk and woollen carpets and regional handicrafts. This center, established on 162.000 m2 with 33.000 m2 of open and covered area, is situated in a historic setting. There are production workshop with 47 carpet weaving looms plus exhibition and sales halls. a second store, on 2.130 m2 with contemporary architecture in Kusadasi, meets a major part of the regional demand.

Tavas Carpet Manufacturing and
Retail Center Inc.

Located in Denizli, another important carpet production center within the country is Tavas Carpet. This facility is located on a covered area of 9.200 m2 with a 345-loom capacity and produces high quality carpets. Here, multilingual experts explain to the visitors the entire carpet producing process from the spinning and dyeing of the yarn to the hand-weaving of the finished product and all the phases of the carpet production. As a result of the increasing tourism potential in the region a new store has been opened in 1998 with a closed area of 2.000 square meters.

Asia Net Tourism Trade
and Industry Inc.

Asia-Net Tourism operates a jewellery production and sales center with a closed area of 600 square meters. This center, known as Koprulu Konak, is a historical building in Yenikapi Istanbul, which has been renovated by Netyapi.

The Tourism Giant of Turkey

Net Group of Companies


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