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Contact :

Mete Sayici
General Coordinator

Semra Taskin
Info.System Manager
Yalcin Uzuner

Head Office :

Inonu Cad. Vakif Han
No 2/12 80090
Taksim, Istanbul

Tel : (90 212) 251 63 36
Fax : (90 212) 249 39 59

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Touristic Retail


Touristic Retail Companies

Net Tourism Trade and Industry Inc.
Asia Net Tourism Trade and Industry Inc.
Egenet Tourism Trade Inc.
Tavas Carpet Manufacturing and Retail Center Inc.
GAleri Istanbul



Net-Allders Duty-Free Operation and Trade Inc.
Duty - Free Stores

* Antalya (2)
* Izmir(2)
* Ankara (4)
* Dalaman
* Adana (2)
* Kapikule (3)
* Marmaris
* Derince
* Cesme
* Karakoy
* Trabzon
* Bodrum (3)


Music & Multimedia

Megavizyon Music Production and Trade Inc.

Megavizyon Stores
  • Beyoglu / Istanbul
  • Carousel / Istanbul


Hotel Management

Merit Tourism Investment and Operation Inc.
The company is established in 1988 as a sub-company of Net Holding Group of Companies and is currenty operating 10 hotels and resorts with 1850 units serviced by over 1500 personnel.
E-Mail : [email protected]


Investment & Real-Estate Development

Net-Milas Tourism Development Project / Bodrum
  • 475 hectares (1250 acres) of land area
  • 20 kms to Bodrum
  • 8 kms to Bodrum International Airport
  • In a region rich with natural beauty and ancient history
Net-Milas Project / Bodrum
  • 18 hole golf course
  • 300 bed golf hotel
  • 700 bed resort hotel
  • 800 bed seminar hotel
  • 600 bed training hotel
  • more than 1600 villas
  • 250 senior residences
  • 800 apartments
  • plus shops, cafes, restaurants, official centers and more ...
Akaretler Row Houses / Istanbul
  • 71 Historical buildings
  • Originally built in the time of Sultan Abdulaziz
  • an example of the neoclassical style of 1870s
  • 50.000m2 construction area together with the car park.
  • Located in the center of city
  • 39 Residential units with 184 beds
  • 34 commercial units
  • 44 office building
  • 3 restaurant - cafes
  • Ataturk Museum
  • Luxury office unit
  • Administration center
  • Club building
  • Multi-floor car park
  • The first phase of the project including 29 building has been completed in July 1998.


Restoration & Decoration

Net Construction Industry and Trade Inc.
Net Yapi Projects
  • Restoration of Saint Sophia
  • Akaretler Row Houses
  • Renovation of Sultanahmet Penitentiary as 5-star hotel / Four Season Hotel
  • Rebuilding of Halki Palace Hotel
  • Renovation of Bazaar 54 Milliyet Building
  • Marmaris Marina superstructure
  • Banco Romano Turco building
  • And many more, including hotel, casino and restaurant decorations, shop designs and redecorations.



Net Touristic Publications Industry and Trade Inc.
  • 5 Bookstores in Istanbul, 1 in Izmir
  • 4 regional distribution offices
  • 228 Touristic publications
  • Books in 9 different languages
  • Representing 40 publications from 8 countries
  • 270 pre-school educational publications.
E-Mail : [email protected]


Limousine Service

Inter Tourism and Travel Inc.
Inter Turizm joined the Net Group in 1984 and with a fleet of 70 vehicles, is the first and largest luxury limousine company in the country. Multi-lingual chauffeurs escort domestic and foreign VIP's in these luxury automobiles offering a taste of the traditional Turkish hospitality to the clients.

Inter Tourism has included private airplane, helicopter and yacht rentals into its service repertoire in the recent years.

E-Mail : [email protected]


Insurance Service

Insurance activities of the Net Group had originally been coordinated by Loytas, which owns the Merit Antique Hotel. To cope with increasing demand and to offer professional insurance services both to the Group companies and other corporate customers, Reform Sigorta was established in 1995. currently, insurance coverage is provided for health, business and residential premises, for travel and motor vehicles. The Company has plans to provide life insurance coverage in the near future.


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