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Contact :

Mete Sayici
General Coordinator

Semra Taskin
Info.System Manager
Yalcin Uzuner

Head Office :

Inonu Cad. Vakif Han
No 2/12 80090
Taksim, Istanbul

Tel : (90 212) 251 63 36
Fax : (90 212) 249 39 59

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NET® Holding A.S.
Financial Statements

The NET Group has shown a strong and secure growth since 1974.

The current figures indicate that the Holding has been improving its profitability margins while developing prime real estate and undertaking big projects such as Net-Milas and Akaretler by relying on its own financial resources confidently.

The diversified activities of the Holding has created a secure base for the ongoing expansion programs. While maintaining the profitability margins high, the Group has continued to lead the tourism and construction sector in Turkey, confidently.

Once again, Net Holding would like to thank everyone including all its employees, share holders and more than anyone else all its clientele for the continuing support and trust.

Balance Sheets
- Year End 1998, 1997,1996

Income Statements
- Year End 1998,1997,1996

The Tourism Giant of Turkey

Net Group of Companies

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