Middle East Technical University Museum

It is not surprising that archaeological settlements have been found in the grounds of Middle East Technical University; the university's grounds extend over 4000 hectares. Since the university's establishment, these findings have been identified and evaluated. Work has been carried out on locating ruins and understanding the characteristics of the ancient settlements; among them being Ahlatlibel, Yalincak and Kocumbeli.

In the 1970s, with the financial assistance of TEK-DAM, precedence was given to rescuing the archaeological riches under the Keban Reservoir Lake. The university distributed various publications on the Keban Project which generated widespread interest in archaeological circles. During the 1980s, project topics included the Ankara - Bestepeler Phrgyian Tumulus excavation, headed by Dr. Sevim Buluc and the Izmir - Teos ancient city surface investigation, undertaken by Associate Professor Numan Tuna. Around this time, Numa Tuna began the Resadiye Peninsula surface research and ceramic workshop excavation. In the 1990s, he worked on the Burgaz excavation and in 1993 on the Teos surface research.

Between 1962 and 1968, the excavations in the university grounds and the Ankara Plains Phrgyia Tumulus works continued with the support of Middle East Technical University. The evaluation, protection and displaying of the findings were part of the vision of Professor Kemal Kurdas who assisted in the establishment of a museum in the university in 1969.

The Middle East University Museum is the first museum to be found in a university. Despite many universities having archaeology departments, this is the only one which stands out as an example. The museum, with its archaeological value, holds a special place amongst international university museums.

The museum is made up of three levels. The first level houses ethnographic works and Phrgyia Necropolis findings. The mezzanine level contains the Yalincak and Kocumbeli findings, while the entrance level has the exhibition hall, management offices, storage depot and various service provisions.


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