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Please send us your opinions on our pages and also your memories of your travel to Morocco. We will publish them in this page for the other readers to share your experience. Thank you very much for your time.

Hello Morocco. I love you...

Melilla ([email protected]), Spain

I was quite fascinated by reading the article about Fes on the Internet. I am a Moroccan from Fes . I will be quite grateful if you send me more information on Fes, thanks in advance and good bye.

Mohammed Samir Behaddou, Sweden

I lived in Marrakech in 1975-76, working on a thesis about Moroccan weaving. I learned enough Arabic to talk with other women as we worked on weaving projects in thier homes. I loved Morocco and the Moroccan people I met. I especially like the cuisine introduced to me by our Berber housekeeper. I have several good Moroccan cookbooks, including one produced by the Peace Corps. However, I have searched everywhere for a source where I can purchase a typical tajine dish. I have only found the fancy painted sort. I would like to have a plain, red clay, clear glazed tajine. Anyone know where I can find one, besides returning to Morocco which I do hope to do some day.

Lacy Rezek, U.S.A.

I just returned from a two week trip to Morocco and my heart is still there.
I went with a group of 14 people from a museum to participate in a fossil dig near Mt. Issoumour. We had such a perfect time it is almost hard to believe. We used a tour guide who was fantastic and highly recommended. His name is Abdullah Aaronson with Sahara Overland Tour Company. He speaks English, French, Arabic, German, Spanish and sign language so we were never worried about a language barrier. Well known throughout Morocco, his number is 011-212-751-3925.
On our two week tour, we studied the following desert life and biology; paleozoic paleontology, trilobites, cephlopods, minerals, anthropology and the Berber people of the desert and spectacular photo-ops.
I can not stress enough how wonderful this trip was. I strongly suggest that your trip be at least 2 weeks to really see the country and that you take along a guide to help with lodging arrangements, language translations and exceptional explanations of important and significant places, people and events.
Feel free to email me for much more information.

Meredith Howse, U.S.A.

Can anyone give me information for my trip to Morocco on the 26th of April, interesting places to see offbeat things to do and good places to eat. Is the southern end of the country near the sand dunes worth the time?

Morty Tauber, U.S.A.