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Moroccan Music

Musicians Moroccan music is of many types; it includes Arab, Berber, classical, and Popular elements. Musicians perform in concerts, in cafes, at private homes, at circumcision ceremonies, marriages, funerals, and religious processions and in accompaniment to dancing and storytelling.

Classical music in the moroccan sense is the Andalusian music of the tenth to fifteenth centuries. lt is extremely complicated in musical structure, and its lyrics are characterized by the strict use of the Andalusian dialect or classical Arabic and by the construction of verse in the style of classical poetry. It is played by an orchestra composed of the "TAR ", a form of tambourine; sometimes the "Darbuqa ", a funnel-shaped drum made of clay; and three types of stringed instruments - the rebab, played by the leader and considered the most important; the "Kemanjah", now supplanted in most instances by the European violin; the "Oudh", a lute.

Andalusian music is given regular performances by several orchestras, among them the National Broadcast Orchestra and the concert orchestras of Fes, Marrakech, and Casablanca. Since independence the Association of Andalusian Music in Casablanca has attempted to preserve examples of this music, collecting and writing down the melodies and words, which have been transmitted largely by ear.

Moroccan Arab popular music, "Griha ", is musically similar to, but simpler than, the classical music and uses the popular, rather than the classical language. New songs are composed in this genre; they usually concern love, war, and adventure and often include topical satire. This type of music has also been adapted by some of the brotherhoods for religious chants.

Berber music, even more closely linked to poetry than Arab music, is usually associated Wit/l the dance and varies considerably according to region. Percussion instruments, drums and tambourines provide the rhythm, while the melody is played on a f lute or a single-stringed "rehab ".

Domminy Eman Elbahr Darwish 14 k
Adda El-Lil Ehab Tawfik 54 kb
Ala Khad Unkown! 62 kb
Aatbak Ala Eih Mohamed Mohie 55 kb
Keboosh Unknown! 27 kb
Komi Bena Norkos Unknown! 36 kb
Nar El Ghera Warda 114 kb
Shareq Unknown! 40 kb
Tegish Ne'ish Ali Alhaggar 78kb
Ya Qalby Tany Unkown! 50 kb
Lelt Alabd Ala Fatma Omar Khayrat 58 kb
Aatbak Ala Eih Mohamed Mohie 77 kb
Aatenni Al-Nai Wa Ghanny Fayrouz 54 kb
Ala Hezb Wedad Abdel Halim Hafez 113 kb
Ana Wel Azab Weh Hawak Mohamed Abdel Wahhab 90 kb
Bahebbak Bahebbak Ana Latifa 136 kb
Batwanness Beek Warda 168 kb
Bawaddaak Mohamed Foad 95 kb
Habaytak Bel-Sayyef Fayrouz 44 kb
Habbate Habbate Samira Saied 76 kb
Harramt Ahebak Warda 124kb
Kalam El-Nas George Wassouf 115 kb
Leh Khaletny Ahebak Layla Morad 107 kb
Lessa Oyonak Samira Saied 60 kb
Meen Feena Mohamed Foad 65 kb
Moghram Ya Lale Ragheb Allama 56 kb
Mosh Aref Hesham Nour 69kb
Qalby Esheha Ragheb Allama 80 kb
Qalby Habbek Eman Elbahr Darwish 82 kb
Sabri Alake Tal Ragaa Belmeleeh 82 kb
Sawwah Abdel Halim Hafez 124 kb
Shoak Ala Shoak Samira Saied 71 kb
Shrook Samira Saied 111 kb
Tawaam Rohy Ragheb Allama 89 kb
Wenta Beed Mohamed Foad 91 kb
Yalily Yalil Anoshka 53 kb
Weh Ya Nass Mostafa Amar 41 kb
Ya Omrena Amr Diab 59 kb


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