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Please send us your opinions on our pages and also your memories of your travel to Malta. We will publish them in this page for the other readers to share your experience. Thank you very much for your time.

Very professional and impressive page.
I have bookmarked it for future use. Keep up the good work.

Joseph Vella, Claremont-CA.

Keep up the good work down under. Always surfing the web here in Long Island New York U.S.A. , looking for my Maltese roots world wide.

Ronnie Sammut, U.S.A.

Hello, I am Maltese born but have lived in Australia the majority of my life . I have visited your country years ago and wish to do it again. We have a lot of relatives still living there, so if you see then say hello from us.
All the best.

Matthew Miller, Australia

My name is Cliff and I live in southern California, USA (near Disneyland).
I met a person while on vacation in Paris who works for a travel agency in Malta. The person I am trying to locate gave me her card but I lost it in the shuffle. She was very nice (a good representative of Malta) and has sent me several cards but no return address and I would like to communicate with her.
All I know is that the agency's name is "Sullivans Ltd" and the lady's first name is Claudia. An address or phone number or e-mail address would help. In fact, any help would be appreciated.

Cliff Frazer, U.S.A.

Just recently arrived from MALTA, were we had a great time visiting relatives and enjoyed the easter celebrations immensely. The cuisine was good, the water was questionable. The Maltese people are probably the most sociable and hospitable people I have ever encountered.
The only complaint I have is about the condition of the road surfaces; they are absolutely disgusting.
In fact I overheard a British tourist who has just arrived from Israel saying to his wife, if Jerusalem is the holy city, Malta must be the holy island.

Robert Vella, Melbourne/Australia