The longest distance in Malta, from the southeast to the northwest, is about 17 miles and, at its widest point, measures 9 miles.

Malta has neither mountains, nor rivers. The island is characterized by low lying hills with terraced fields on the slopes.

Malta's coastline has many natural harbours, bays, creeks, sandy beaches and rocky coves. The length of Malta's shoreline is 85 miles.

St. John's cathedral Other than Valetta there are many other places to see on the island of Malta.


Gozo, the island of the nymph Calypso is smaller than Malta, its sister island, and has a character quite distinct from it. The countryside is greener and more spectacular, with flattopped hills characterizing the landscape, while the coast has rugged cliffs, penetrated by steep valleys and beautiful bays.

fishing boat Gozo is more rustic and quieter than Malta. It is 9 miles long and 4.4 miles at its widest point.


This is the smallest of the three islands. With one hotel and no cars to disturb the peace, it enjoys a real "get-away from-it-all" atmosphere. Boat trips from Malta to Comino (a 20 minute crossing) operate throughout the year.