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When was the French Revolution?

Where was the first road network built?

Which civilization invented money?

Where did St. Nicolas (Santa Claus) live?

Where was the first beauty contest held?

Who was the first to explore the ancient city of Troia?

Where is Noah's boat located?

Where is the famous pyramid of Giza located?

Which was the first written peace agreement in history?

Who was the first Geographer and Cartographer?

Who was the first Historian?

Where was the first census held?

Who invented the flute?

Where was the "Christian" word used for the first time?

Where was the cave of "Seven Sleepers"?

Which bridge connects Europe to Asia?

Where was St. Paul born?

Where is Acropolis located?

Which ones are the "Seven Churches of Revelation"?

Where is ancient city of Carthage located today?

What is the old name of the city of Istanbul?

What is the capital of France"?

When and where the famous philosopher Socrates was born?

Who was Alexander the Great?

Who was the founder of the science of medicine?

Where was the famous philosopher Thales born?

What was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire?

Which one is the first metal tower ever built?

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