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Madaba From Nabatean through to Roman and Crusader history, Jordan is an archaeologist's playground. It has much to offer such as the breathtaking rose-red city of Petra, with its ever-changing natural earth colours. Follow the trail through the majestic and narrow siq where eventually you find the opening to the magnificent facade of the Treasury building. Jerash, the best preserved Roman city in the Middle East is a site to behold with its temples, baths and colonnades. Experience the adventures of Lawrence of Arabia by visiting Wadi Rum.

Jordan is one of the most friendly and interesting places to visit in the Middle East. Jordanians are always friendly and helpful. Until recently, the conversion rate of Dinar was very high against the major currencies. Because of this, especially the accommodation was very expensive for many travellers. It has improved dramatically since the recent adjustments in currency exchange rates in favor of the other currencies. There are plenty of very interesting things to do and see in Jordan for even budget conscious travellers today.