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tomatoes A bonus of a visit to Jordan is the thousand and one delights of Arab cooking. As with many Middle Eastern dishes, Jordanian food stems from traditional Bedouin cooking. A good example is Mensef, the pride of Jordanian cuisine, which has come down through the ages undiluted by modern adaptations. The pepper main course is usually started with several varieties of Mazza, or Hors d'oeuvres. Salads are an important side dish and a meal is finished with dessert or fresh fruits. Bread is traditionally eaten with every meal. Last and by no means least comes the famous coffee without which no meeting whether formal or informal, no meal is complete.

Traditionally, Jordanians enjoy lunch as a main meal. They usually have a light breakfast and supper. As mainly a Muslim nation they don't eat pork. Fresh vegetables, olive, potatoes, rice and Arabic bread is most widely preferred.

'Mensef', a Bedouin feast, is for only special occasions. Usually, a whole sheep is roasted. Large chunks of nicely roasted meat are served with rice on a huge platter. A yoghurt based sauce is poured on the dish which is also topped with chopped parsley and fried nuts. The guests of honour are presented with the softly cooked eyes of the sheep as delicacy.

We will soon start to give authentic recipes of Jordanian cuisine from this page. Please visit us again...