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Please send us your opinions on our pages and also your memories of your travel to Italy. We will publish them in this page for the other readers to share your experience. Thank you very much for your time.

My husband and I are traveling to Italy Feb. 25 through March 5th. would like info on traveling inner country. What is the best way? Car, bus, train. How do make prior train arrangements? What do we do with luggage if we want to explore for the day and then go to another city? Please respond or refer me to anyone who has email who may want to share their experiences.

Nicole Lufkens,U.S.A.

I took my husband to Italy in 1990 to show him the beauty of Italy and at the same time, showed him where my parents were born and also visited my Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, etc. He was able to see how people lived in the cities as well as in the hilltops of Calabria.
Before visiting my family, we took a Perillo tour to Rome, and at the vatican, we bought a mosaic painting by a man named T. Franchino. The Vatican souvenir shop has a private room containing all of his artwork. He produces smaller to very large mosaic painting made of tiny marble. From afar his paintings looks like oil paintings however, as you approach the painting you come to realize that it was produces by tiny mable tiles.
The Vatican distributed a brochure of this man. He is now in his early 90's. They claim that he sold his artwork to the Kremlin and to the Simthsonian. I, in fact, contacted my curators and the Simthsonian, and no one has heard of this man. Yet in the brochure they cliam that he is well known in North America.
I then decided to then to go on the internet. Sure enough other people were looking for the same artist. After e-mailing each other we all come to the conclusion that this man is not a famous man. We hope that after is passes on, this art work will be known for the beauty and the workmanship.
We are all upset that the Pope authenicates this man's work who know one really knows about except those who visit the Vatican and buyes his artwork. We all feel that it is a nice piece of artwork to display at home but on the other hand, was the Vatican misleading us.
I hope you can e-mail me back with some information about the Vatican. The souvenir shop is called Mondo Cattloico Piazza Pio XII, 12 00193 Roma Telephone #: (06) 6869297.
The next step is for me to go to Sotherbys in NY and/or go straight to Dateline or 20/20 (TV programs that help people).
Thank you,

Anne Marie DelPrincipe ([email protected]), U.S.A.

I would like to meet somebody who knows a family called Caveggia.Please, write to me if you can help me.Hope to hear from you!

Maria Kaveggia, U.S.A.

I found your web page on Italy very interesting and educational. Glad I happened to find it. I'm trying to pinpoint Frontino in Italy. I don't know where it is. Maybe you can help, please e-mail to me.
Thanks again.

Susie Frontino, U.S.A.