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Please send us your opinions on our pages and also your memories of your travel to Israel. We will publish them in this page for the other readers to share your experience. Thank you very much for your time.

Congratulations! This is one of the best resources on Israel in the internet. Although I know much about Israel but still I have found plenty of interesting information. You are in my bookmark file...

Edmund Benson, South Africa

Maps are great and very useful. Thanks...

Henri Roussel, France

Your Israel Focus is very neat!! I have enjoyed it very much, having been to Israel 4 years ago. I am returning in February '97 and will consult you again.
I also understand that there is a camcorder shot of Jerusalem (Western Wall) somewhere on the Net, but I haven't found it so far. Do you know where?

Bruce, U.S.A.

Could you please send me the e-mail address of Boys' Town Jerusalem. I wish to contact them with the idea of personally visiting.
Thank you,

Bertram Mantell, U.S.A.

I'm looking for a direct route to Italy from Israel. I've read that you can get to Greece and Turkey from Israel but not to Italy. I was wondering if anyone there might know of any reletively cheap boats that run from Israel to Italy. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Lisa Levitt, U.S.A.

I am looking for information on the forrest fires which occured in israel in 1995. I think the month was December. If you could e-mail me some information or tell me where I may be able to find that on the web I would greatly appreciate it as I have to do a presentation about it and lack the information. Thanks,

Jason, U.S.A.

Dear friends,
I am researching the Israeli health care system as part of a graduate seminar at Kansas University. Can you advise regarding more specific information on this topic. Your material was very useful as a starting point.

Scott Temple (Ph.D.), U.S.A.

Dear Sirs,
I'm looking for the correct fax number of these two hotels in Israel:
Aviv, 88 Hayarkon St., Tel Aviv and
Dalia, North Beach, Eilat
The fax number you mention on your web site is incorrect.
Thank you for your answer.

[email protected], France

I'm working on an article on kosher wine. Do you have a list of kosher Israeli wines that have won any international taste awards.

Michael Brown, New Jersey - U.S.A.

I would like to know - how old people can go there to work? and how long will it take the person to join the Kibbutz? One month in advance? I am very interested to join the Kibbutz. What is the best month to join? Can you please tell me what kind of job is that? Farm?!! What is the maximum to stay working in Israel? Hoping to be receiving your email..

[email protected], U.S.A.

I wish that I had seen these pages before I started to take tours to Israel. A wonderful and friendly place to be.

Tony Cox, England

We are looking to purchase and to offer our customers Judaic gifts, music, pictures, books, stationary and invitations for different Jewish holidays and celebrations such as bar-bat mitzvah, weddings and more. We would like to receive catalogs and information on these products from traders.
Looking forward to hearing from Israel soon... Thanks,

Gard Enterprises, U.S.A.

I went to Israel the summer after my sophomore year in high school. It was the most increadible experience I've ever had, and seeing this web site made me appreciate it even more. I just wish there were more pictures!

Jenney Lee, U.S.A.

A friend visited Israel last year, and visited a lovely store in Safed that sold jewelry, artwork and scarves. She said it is on the corner of a street, and is the only really fine jewelry store in the city. Could you suggest a name or two that might turn out to be the right one?
Thanks for your help.

Phyllis Shaikun, U.S.A.

I am planing a trip to Israel in November of 1997 and was wondering if I could be sent or emailed some information on the accomodations in Israel. Whether they are hostels or hotels. My email address is [email protected] I will betravelling by myself and I am 24 years old. Any information would be very helpful.
Thank you for your time in advance.

Sarah Michaels, U.S.A.

My name is Ayala Wise and I study at the Leyada high school in Jerusalem. I am now working on a project that has to do with tourism on beaches. I would be very greatful if u could send me any information about tourism in Eilat ant on the shore of the meditaranian sea. I would be interested in infomation about whre along the shore there are more buildings, hotels etc. I would also be interested in information about when the tourist sights were developed in different places.
Thank you very much,

Ayala Wise, Israel

I have found your web page very helpful. I have a specific problem described below.
I have tried calling the Electra Palace hotel using the number on your web page using the country code 30 and the city code 31 and the number listed...I continually get a busy signal. The number is only 6 digits. Perhaps I need more information. I want to know if they have rooms available for the 23- 25 of August 1997.
Thanks for your help.

Carol, U.S.A.

I would like to thank you for all of the wonderful information that you have provided me with. I am extremely interested in the Middle East countries and would like to read more. I am especially interested in Israel. If you have any more elaborate information on its fashion and culture that would be tremedous. I am looking into fashion merchandising in that area and would like to find out as much as I can. Please send any available information.

Nicole Looney ([email protected]), U.S.A.

Dear Sirs,
I spent two nights at the Hotel Aviv in Tel Aviv; I found its address on your web sites.
It is a shame that this hotel bears the certificate of the Ministry of Tourism, because it seems like it is still under construction!
I hope you will now visit the hotels you mention in your database in order to be certain of their quality, and avoid sending people to this awful place!

A Reader from France

I wander if you could help me find a web site in order to get practical information on Kibutzim. I want to visit Israel and need this information but seen to have a lot of trouble finding it. Did I hit the jackpot with you or do you know another place that I should write phone do what ever it takes to get information on this type of visit to Israel.
Thanks for any information you can give me.

[email protected], U.S.A.

I will be visiting Israel this August with three friends. 2 men and 2 women in total. All 40 years of age.
We would like to take a kayaking trip down the Jordan and have a guided Golan Jeep tour. Also, we want to spend two nights around the Kinneret. I was thinking of Nof Ginosar, Maagan, Ein Gev or Ramot. I know Ramot is not on the shores of the lake. Is there access to a beach nearby?
If you can make some recommendations for us we would really appreciate it.
Thank you.

Eddie Meister ([email protected]), U.S.A.

I have recently visited Israel and purchased beauty products to bring back home with me. I would like to order more as I'm now running low on some items. The ones I purchased are by Oris but any would be fine as long as I could order them through the mail. Could you help me find where I can order some of these products here in the US?
Thank you very much,

Mary Beckmann, U.S.A.

Dear Friend,
I am interested in purchasing books and viedos from Israel. Please tell me the names and addresses of companies which will send me catalogs of Israeli Books, Israeli Movies and popular American Movies dubbed in Hebrew. Thank you very much!!

M.Howard, U.S.A.

My daughter and I traveled for five weeks in Israel three years ago. It was the most beautiful experience of my life and it is my dream to return one day....I would even love to live there. The Israeli people are the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. God bless them all.

Nancy, U.S.A.

I am searching for information about sending my 16 year old daughter to live on a Kibbutz this summer, and possibly going to High School in Israel.
Would you have any information on the subject?
Thank you

Debbie Hite, U.S.A.

I need information ASAP on Telecommunications Development and Manufacturers in Israel that deal with high speed data proccessing.

Steven Kil, U.S.A.

Dear Jewish population
My name is Michelle L. Trzecinski. I just converted from Catholic to Jewish religion, because Jewish is so special religion. You can e-mail ([email protected]) me any time. I like Jewish people between 18 to 20 years of age. I like to write to a Jewish woman. I am 18 years old. You can also write me at 3837 E. Van Eimeren Ave. Cudahy WI 53110-3138 U.S.A.

Michelle L. Trzecinski, U.S.A.

To Whom It May Concern:
Hey, I just wanted to say that your homepage has been really helpful. The one on Israel. I'm doing report on Israel for school, and your page helped a lot! Of course, I gave credit where it was due in the bibliography. Also, I have a very close friend from irc who lives in Israel, and I'm quiet interested in visiting him someday. But being only 16, that isn't possible for me now. I sincerely hope to, someday.
Well, thank you for info from your page. With appreciation,

Jessica, U.S.A.

I want to go to Petra in Jordan from Israel. Any tours you know about? Please advise.
Thank you.

Azriel Chelst, U.S.A.