Israel offers the visitor everything, from the ethereal to the earthly.
The spiritual heights of Jerusalem and the lowest point on earth at the Dead Sea. Excavated centers of the ancients and gleaming, modern cities are common features of Israel.
The sources of faith and their shrines from the Temple wall to mystical Safed... from the Via Dolorosa to the Galilee hills... the Dome of the Rock... the Baha'i Shrine in Haifa...
Modern resorts on the shores of legendary seas and luxurious spas near ancient Roman baths.
A microcosm of diverse terrains, for desert safaris and mountain climbs or challenging cycling, hikes and treks.
Bistros and boutque in ancient marketplaces - tantalizing cuisine and a diversity of entertainment and culture. For a religious pilgrimage or a winter-sun getaway... to discover the world of the Bible or enjoy the relaxation of a full resort vacation.... for pampering and healing at the natural spas or participating in international meetings - perhaps to sample a taste of each.
However the spirit moves you, you'll find it in Israel.

A General Guide for Travellers to Israel
Touring In Israel
The Kibbutz Experience
The Places of Commemoration and Pilgrimage
Jerusalem 3000 Celebrations
The Museums
The Land of Adventure
Natural Wonders of Israel
Healing Mud of Dead Sea
A Paradise of Jewellery
Gifts of the Spirit
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Essential Tips for Shopping in Israel
National and Jewish Holidays
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