ISRAEL (Regions)

Nearly ninety per cent of Israelis live in cities. There are some ancient and holy places which are still inhabited as well as new and modern Map of Israel towns founded since the middle of this century in various parts of Israel.

Although Israel is only a small country but still the variety of the land, its natural inhabitants and the climate is very diverse. It streches between snow-capped mountains and sandy Middle Eastern deserts. A mild Mediterranean climate along the coast and a tough inland climate through the east and the south of the country constitutes the characteristics of Israel.

Israel can naturally be divided into five regions; Central Coast, North Coast, South Coast - Negev and the Red Sea, East to the Dead Sea and finally North East and the Sea of Galilee.

Central Coast (Tel Aviv-Jaffa)
North Coast (Haifa)
South Coast, Negev and the Red Sea
East to the Capital City (Jerusalem, Jericho and Betlehem)
The Dead Sea
North East and the Galilee Region