Thanks to these short distances, the visitor encounters an incomparable variety of sights and sites. For the same reason, a number of different locations, whether urban centers or resorts, can serve as convenient touring bases for the rest of the country.
Each area has a broad range of accommodation, from popular-priced hostels or bed-and-breakfast facilities to fully appointed, modern hotels in every price range, many of them with well-known, international names. Thousands of hotel rooms in every location serve the expecitations and needs of every visitor: vacationers and religious pilgrims, back-packers and culture-seekers, business travelers and participants in the hundreds of annual international meetings.

Jerusalem (Accommodation) - The spiritual center since ancient times is also a thriving, ultra-modern city and Israel`s capital, with infinite facets to its character. Amidst its singular beauty are the religious shrines of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and reverently preserved archaeological sites, with world-famous museums, arts-and-crafts-lanes and lively entertainment thriving side-by-side with government institutions.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa and the Mediterranean (Accommodation) - Proclaiming itself the "non-stop city", cosmopolitan Tel Aviv is simultaneously a resort and Israel's undisputed center of entertainment, culture and commerce. Although less than 100 years old, it also incorporates ancient Jaffa, its refurbished "old city" the home of galleries, restaurants, clubs and pubs. To its south lie the resorts of Ashdod and Ashqelon. To its north, on the Mediterranean coast, are the resorts of Herzliyya and Netanya, followed closely by the magnificent escavations of ancient Caesarea, with its modern town featuring an 18-hole golf course.

Haifa (Accommodation) - Rising on Mount Carmel above its Mediterranean harbor, multi-cultural Haifa also is home to unique religious anti cultural sites, including the beautiful Baha'i Shrine. The "Pearl of the North", one of the most beautiful cities in the region, is both a gateway to and touring base for the North of the country and the Western Galilee. To its north lie Akko, Naharriya and Rosh Haniqra.

Tiberias and the Galilee (Accommodation) - The hill-top towns of Nazareth, Safed and Rosh Pina, the patchwork of kibbutz fields anil nature reserves, the glorious Sea of Galilee and natural spas, and the many religious and archaeological sites combine to make this one of the most diverse and fascinating regions. With Tiberias as a touring base, or at the many kibhulz hotels dotted throughout the area, the Galilee offers a diversity of pilgrimage, resort and spa vacarions, and active holidays.

The Dead Sea (Accommodation) - The atmosphere at the lowest point on earth offers unique ''highs", with luxurious pampering and special health therapies that take advantage of the natural spas and the very air you breathe. Desert adventures, famous archaeological sites such as Masada and Qumran, and lush, green oases present an unusual variety of activities, while limited rainfall makes this a year-round resort.

Eilat and the South (Accommodation) - Pastel-hued desert mountains and the temperate Red Sea provide the setting for this lively resort. Around the year and around the clock, holidaymakers and adventure-seekers, singles and families, find every feature for a thoroughly enjoyablee vacation, including full resort facilitie, water sports, adventures, through the Arava desert, restaurants and entertainment. Direct air links from Europe and domestic air and land transportation provide convenient access.