ISRAEL (General Information)

There is no doubt that there is a genuine warmth towards Israel from all around the world. Last year, Israel attracted a record 2.5 million tourists. The tourism infrastructure of the country is the most sophisticated in the region and can cater to every taste and budget. Israel now enjoys peaceful relations with Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and there is important progress being made in the region. In October 1995, Israel participated in the Amman Conference which contributed to improving economic and tourism ties with many states in the region. Tourism is playing a leading role in the Arab_Israel peace process. Israel is already involved in a range of co-operative programs with Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority.

When you visit Israel and especially its capital Jerusalem, you instantly gain the feeling that you have entered a unique spiritual dimension. Israel exerts and irresistible spiritual magnetism for Jews, Christians and Muslims. In Israel, the key Bible is not merely a religious tract but a tour guide which points the way to key sites and events in the history of believers from the three monotheistic faiths.

However, there is much more to Israel than its history. Israel is a land of scenic grandeur, cultural diversity and agricultural miracles. For the traveller, Israel is a kaleidoscope of varied experiences packaged into a small land which would fit into Tasmania almost three times!

Israel is for the sightseer, the adventurer, the historian, the gourmet, the pilgrim, the romantic, the backpacker, the people watcher, the shopper, the political analyst and the business traveller. It is a complete destination. It can also be visited in combination with its Middle Eastern neighbours or as a stopover point on the way to or from Europe.

Finally, we would like to say that when visiting Israel you can be assured of a warm Israeli welcome and an unforgettable experience in one of the most dynamical countries on earth.

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