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Please send us your opinions on our pages and also your memories of your travel to Israel. We will publish them in this page for the other readers to share your experience. Thank you very much for your time.

Thanks Australia... A very good resource on the cradle of civilizations! Keep up the good work.

Richard Walker - USA

Hello Greeks!!!!!
We are 3 girls writing from the International school in Nacka,Sweden. Our names are Monika,shes from GREECE!!!! Shes very proud of being a Greek!! Rakhel,shes from Eritrea and is extremly funny and last but not least me,Sofia, Im Swedish (Im a "svenne"in swedish), Monika and Rakhel thinks Im "very cool"!
Weve been studying Ancient Greece (very interesting) for about 2 months now and our teacher asked us to ask you a few questions, ready or not, here they come:
1. Monika (Greeks first): How many temples does Athena have and where?
2. Rakhel: How did the Greeks discover the Olympic games?
3. Sofia : Do you still use things that Ancient Greeks used?
P.S please write back!!!

Monika, Rakhel and Sofia,
([email protected]), Sweden

I love this place. There is so much to do. It is incredable. Please send me more news on Athens.

A student from U.S.A.

Dear Focus,
My home is the U.S.A. I am an author doing research on the Greek Civil War. Your brief history of Greec was a major help in establighing dates. I appreciate your service and will visit your site I'm sure many times. I am looking forward to your search engine being installed.
Thank you for the history lesson.

Dian Hall, U.S.A.

We were quite interested in visiting Greece until we heard how children have been abducted from families on holiday in Greece, and how apparantly the authorities show little or no interest in spending resources on finding them. As we have a small son, this has given us real concerns and we would be interested to know what precautions are taken by travel companies and/or hotels etc to safeguard children.

Michele Brenton, U.S.A.

I was wondering if you had an info on cheap airfare to Greece????
Freda, Kara L, U.S.A.

We are looking for info on the theatre traditions of Ancient Greece. I would be most grateful if this information could be handed before Tuesday May 5th. To be more just. I'm looking for character of plays, play writers and decoration for greek theatre.
Thank you,

Cupid Mahoney !, Canada

My son is doing a project on Greece for his 6th grade class. We have contacted the embassy, but still need information on the types of business and their percentage in the economy of Greece. What portion of business is tourism, manufacturing, farming, fishing etc?
Can you help? If so please send info to me at e-mail address.
Thank you very much.

Hal Faulkner, U.S.A.

Hi. I have just discovered your fine pub auite by accident. My daughter just returned from a tour that included Ephesus and other places in Turkey and Greece. In looking up Ephesus with Quarterdeck's Web Compass I noticed a lot of pages from your site so I decided to look at just your site to wee what was there.
As I said, wow! Excellent work. Since I have found the index I see you have much more than an evenings reading available, in fact much more than quite a few evenings, therefore I have a question for you. How long will the site contain this particular information? Is this something I have to copy to my computer quickly or is it a site I can continue to brouse for a long time? I am of Sicilian heritage, and I am a second generation citizen of the USA, but I have a strong interest in the areas you cover.
Thank you for your work, I hope it will be here next time I come by.

Hal Davis, U.S.A.