GREECE (General Information)

Temple of Poseidon

In Greece geography and history are very related to each other. Nearly 8000 years old history of civilizations on this land has naturally shaped the people and their interaction with the land in a very special way. The traces of these ancient civilizations are virtually everywhere. Human-made landscape is a dominant scenery on the mainland and the islands as well. You can expect to see signs of thousands of years of Greek settlements on every corner and under every piece of rock.

Although you will notice a common Greek character of great hospitality everywhere in Greece but this is more noticable at remote corners of the country. In recent years the high influx of mainly European tourists has naturally eroded the traditional Greek hospitality in crowded metropolitan areas. But still most of the Greeks accept tourists as guests.

We try to give some basic information on our pages, about the history of Greece and some quick hints to help you know more about the country and its people before you travel and enjoy a unique Mediterranean holiday.

A Brief History of Greece

A General Guide for Travellers to Greece