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This list is valid until 31 December 2005.

Entry into the companies list.

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Commercial OPPORTUNITIES in our magazine.

"Focus on the World" is the most respected Internet web magazine about the Mediterranean region. We have more than 2.5 million words in our online web magazine and visited more than 16 million times during the last 12 months.

Focus MultiMedia offers its best services to expose its clients' commercial information to millions of web surfers. Our expert team of web page creators utilize most up to date techniques for maximum interactivity between the visitors and your environment and also use the languages such as java and active-x, professionally.

"Focus on the World" magazine can be accessed via three different web servers, located in Australia, U.S.A. and Turkey for fast and reliable service to our readers. All content is available in these three servers for 24hrs a day and cross-links are provided between these mirror sites for faster access.

The most important feature of "Focus on the World" magazine is its ability to attract a wider audience from every age and interest group such as children, educators, business people, tourists, artists, historians etc. The common denominator of our visitors is their interest on the Mediterranean region. If you have a target market in this area you will never find any better alternative to "Focus on the World" magazine in the Internet. Please consider this important criteria for a guaranteed success in the Internet!

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Entry into the companies list

You can enter your business details into any of our business listing pages under any category, for only US$9.95/month. The company name, address, telephone and fax numbers as well as an e-mail address is accepted into this listing for such a small amount.

Contracts in this category are done and renewed annually. The entry into the first listing page is US$ 119.40 and consecutive ones are only US$ 70.00, annually. For example, if Company X listed in the "How to go to France" page by paying US$ 119.40 annually, entry into any other page, such as "How to go to Greece" page is offered for only US$ 70.00.

Standard format :
Company Name | Foreword | Description (20 words only) | Address | Telephone | Facsimile | E-Mail

FOCUS on the World Magazine.
The easiest way to reach into the Mediterranean region all at once!
Focus on the World online magazine offers the largest information database about a vast range of subjects on the Mediterranean region and available for free to its readers.
E-mail : [email protected]

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Commercial Billboards / Banners

There is a commercial billboard/banner space on the top of each page for links to companies' commercial pages. Each page has a unique price, determined according to the annual number of visitors to each page.

The banner/billboard picture file is prepared by the customer as 468x60 pixel 72 dpi, 256 color and in the gif or jpg format and kept in the customers' site. The customer can update this billboard picture file anytime from their site.

The organizations which are included into the "Friends of Focus" category are offered a %15 discount for any additional banner/billboard entry.

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Price List
Annual Access Monthly Price Annual Price
over 120.000 US$ 890.- US$ 8.000.-
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over 100.000 US$ 670.- US$ 6.000.-
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for list.
over 60.000 US$ 450.- US$ 4.000
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for list.
over 30.000 US$ 2.500.-
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for list.
under 30.000 US$ 1.250
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for list.

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Standart Home Page

The standard home page offer is a single page and economical approach to an effective existence in the Internet' web environment. The page can accomodate a company logo, 2 pictures (256 colour, 72 dpi, max 20kB size) and text. We insert your page links into all our related company listing pages. You are also entitled to be included in our "Friends of Focus" page. Finally, your pages will be added into 5 main Internet Search Engines' data bases.
Price : US$ 980 per year.

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Extended Home page.

The Extended Home Pages usually consist of more than one page for each client. The organizations which are presented in these pages prepare initial material such as text and picture, which can best describe their public image and our professional team of web site designers do the final design of the web pages to reflect this image with maximum impact.

Standard Page : Two pictures (256 colours, 72 dpi, max.20kB size) and a company logo in the first page and one picture on the following pages. The pictures which are used in the previous pages can be used for free of charge in the following pages. Additional pictures are subject to an additional charge. Maximum number of links given to each commercial home page from the other related pages such as company listings, economy pages, "friends of focus" page and "what's new" page etc.

We offer our expert services to our clients for all their Internet related inquiries. At the same time, our professional artwork team offer excellent consultancy services to our commercial clients. We add our clients' web pages into international web search engines' data bases as well as to a number of local ones, mainly in Australia, N.Z., U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Italy, Germany and Netherland. We offer best results for each page in each major search engine for 7 different keywords. Finally, we send detailed monthly access statistics files to our commercial clients periodically.


Each 'Extended Home Page' client is given one Green Range and one Yellow Range billboard for free.

Design of the banner/billboard is done by Focus Multimedia for free.

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