There are many sides of tourism in this land of sharp contrasts. Egypt has a unique position in the history of civilizations. The remains of this 7000 years old civilization, especially since the time of pharaohs, are still in spectacular condition.

    Philae Temple To a famous Greek historian and traveller like Herodotus, journeying through the East in the 5th century BC, Egypt was the grand civilization par excellence. The civilization of Egypt has since kept its mystery and unrivalled grandeur high above any other civilization. Herodotus mentioned Egypt also as 'the gift of the Nile' in his writings. The spirit of Nile is still alive. A visit to Egypt would not be complete without a memorable cruise along the Nile. As you gently cruise along the Nile you will see the local way of life and have the opportunity to visit the Valley of Kings and Queens.

    Egypt lures fascinated travellers to its great sites such as the monumental Pyramids, the Sphinx and archaeological sites dating back to the dawn of civilization. The Abu Simbel temples, found south of Aswan, have been remarkably rescued and preserved and are an awesome site to behold. You should see also the colossal temples of Luxor.

    There are numerous museums spread throughout the country. The most famous of them is the Egyptian Museum in Cairo which holds the rich treasures of King Tutankhamen.