Decoration from Shapinuwa

Obsidian decoration Ortakoy is a town 53 kms. southeast of the province of Corum in central Turkey. It is situated at the north of Central Anatolia, to the south of Black Sea Mountain Range and at the end of Kelkit Valley which is the entrance to Anatolia from the Caucasus. To the east lies Amasya, and to the southwest, Yozgat. Shapinuwa is situated 3 kms. southwest of Ortakoy. It can be reached, as well as with the highway from Corum, either with Sungurlu-Alaca-Kizilli-Ortakoy route or with Amasya-Goynucek route.

Excavations at Ortakoy - Shapinuwa, having been localized in a survey in 1989, first started in 1990 on behalf of Ankara University with the permission of Ministry of Culture of Turkey. The site was discovered and currently being excavated by Prof.Dr. Aygul Suhel and Prof.Dr. Mustafa Suhel with the contributions of public institutions and private organizations.

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