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Welcome to Focus Mediterranean Magazine. Currrently, we offer most comprehensive information about the Mediterranean countries; their culture, cities, tourism, history, cuisine, music etc...

Over 2,500,000 Words
This is a brief reflection of the quantity of information we provide you about everything in the Mediterranean region. We have currently more than 5000 files available for you to visit and enjoy. We also claim the quality of the information provided here is substantial. Please visit our site to see the wonders of Mediterranean.

The Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski combining European grand hotel service with traditional Turkish hospitality is comprised of a recently constructed yet unobtrusive hotel linked to the restored 19th century historic marble palace.

NET® Holding A.S. is the holding company of the NET Group, the leading edge in the tourism sector in Turkey. NET is now the only institutional group of companies in Turkey with 41 companies and 5,000 employees. It also is one of the largest holding groups in the country.

Net Touristic Publications was founded in 1982 with the purpose of presenting Turkish Culture worldwide. Net specializes in publishing printing and marketing information material, on places of touristic interest and also tourism assets of the country.

Pasabahce the giant glassware manufacturer from Turkey has opened its elegant range of Tableware products catalogue into your view in our pages. Pasabahce having its roots in the young Turkish Republic, which was founded by Ataturk, is ready to take up the challenges of the 21st century.

We hope you will enjoy the whole range of glassware products of Pasabahce in our new slide show catalogue. We are proud to present Pasabahce in Focus on the World Online Magazine.

Perissia Hotels from Side and Cappadocia, in Turkey, have opened their web site in our magazine to the view of our readers. We strongly recommend our readers to visit the web site of these two fantastic 5-Star Hotels.

Dragos is the most respected motor yacht designer and builder from Istanbul - Turkey, offering optimum solutions; low cost, high quality and efficiency.

Check their yacht profiles web site to see who they are and what they can do for you! Dragos is at your disposal for any kind information you may require.

All Information on the Mediterranean Countries. Focus on the World

Focus on the World is a sophisticated, entertaining and highly informative multimedia environment which focuses in great detail on the society, culture, history of civilizations, and tourism of a group of Mediterranean countries.

In this electronic publication, a long period of history dating back to 9000 B.C., and a large number of archaeological findings from these magnificent lands of many great civilizations are comprehensively covered.

You will find a large database about hotels, travel agents, tourism related organizations, as well as other industrial sectors, listed in these pages.

We trust you will discover a wealth of information about the history of civilizations as well as, contemporary information about the listed countries. Please feel free to browse through our pages.

We welcome advertising enquiries from all industrial sectors, including hotel operators, travel agents and retail organisations.

If you are interested to see your stories, pictures or any other related information published in these pages please mail us relevant details.

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