Etli Nohut (Chickpeas in a Meat Sauce)


  1. 400 grams chickpeas
  2. 2 medium onions
  3. 250 diced lamb
  4. 40 grams margarine or vegetable oil
  5. 20 grams tomato paste
  6. salt

1- Soak chickpeas in salted water overnight.
2- Drain and wash under cold water. Place in large pan, cover with water and cook chickpeas until soft. Drain.
3- Brown meat and onions in margarine. Add tomato paste and stir through for two minutes.
4- Add enough water to pan to cover meat. Cook meat until tender.
5- Rinse cooked chickpeas and add to meat. Salt to taste and add more water to cover chickpeas. Cook for further fifteen minutes.

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