50,000 years agoNeanderthals lived in Morocca. The first one found was called "Rabat man"
10,000 years agoStone Age humans habitated in Morocca
8th century B.C.Phoenicians established a foothold in Berber Morocco
146B.C.Romans took over Carthaginian outposts in Morocco
3rd century B.C.Romans left Morocco for good after centuries of efforts to establish a viable agricultural system
683-732Dissemination of Islam in Morocco under Okba Ibn Nafi and Andalusia under Tarik Ibn Ziad.
788Arrival of Moulay Idriss I in Morocco and emergence of the Idrissides Dynasty. Establishment of the first Islamic State
808 Establishment of the city of Fez.
1055-1147Reign of the Almoravides Dynasty, originating from the Sahara
1070Establishment of the City of Marrakesh
1130-1269Reign of the Almohads Dynasty, originating from the Masmouda tribe (Atlas)
1258-1465Reign of the Merinides Dynasty, originating from the Sahara
1520-1660Reign of the Saadians Dynasty, originating from Sakiet El Hamra (Sahara) and the Region of Draa
1578The Oued Al Makhazine Battle (or the Battle of The three Kings)
1660-1664Advent of the Alaouite Cherifian Dynasty
1664-1672Reign of Moulay Errachid (unifier of Morocco)
1672-1727Reign of Moulay Ismail, founder of the city of Meknes (then capital of Morocco)
1729-1757Reign of Moulay Abdallah
1757-1790Reign of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah. During his reign, Morocco recognized the nascent American State, the United States of America
1790-1792Reign of Moulay Yazid
1792-1822Reign of Moulay Slimane
1822-1859Reign of Moulay Abderrahmane (start of the French occupation of Algeria). Morocco strongly supported the Algerian resistance movement led by Emir Abdelkader
1859-1873Reign of Mohammed IV
1873-1894Reign of Moulay Hassan I. The Sovereign visited the southern provinces of Morocco, including the city of Tarfaya and the Moroccan Sahara, or so-called Western Sahara
1894-1908Reign of Moulay Abdelaziz. During this period, the Moroccan Sahara was shared out, under a secret treaty, between France and Spain (1904); the Algesiras Act was signed in 1906 and Casablanca was attacked by the French in 1907
1908-1912Reign of Moulay Abdelhafid. The Protectorate Treaty dividing Morocco into French, Spanish and international zones of influence was signed on March 30,1912
1912-1927Reign of Moulay Youssef during which the Moroccan people strongly opposed French and Spanish occupation (war of The Rif, Moha Ouhammou Zayani)
November 18, 1927Enthronment of His Majesty Mohammed V at the age of 18. Under his rule, Morocco engaged in the decisive battle for independence
July 9, 1929Birth of His Majesty King Hassan II
January 11, 1944Presentation of the "Independence Manifesto", demanding recognition of the independence of Morocco, its territorial integrity and its national sovereignty as embodied by His Majesty King Mohammed V
April 9, 1947Trip by His Majesty Mohammed V to Tangier during which he delivered a historical speech which marked the revival of the national conscience and resistance to foreign occupation
August 20, 1953Exile of the late King Mohammed V and the Royal Family to Madagascar. Beginning of the "Revolution of the King and the People"
November 16, 1955Return from exile of the late King Mohammed V and his family
March 2, 1956 Signing of "Celle-Saint Cloud" agreements recognising the Independence of the Kingdom
April 7, 1956Signing an agreements with Spain, putting the end of the Spanish protectorate over the Moroccan Northern provinces
April 22, 1956Morocco becomes a member of the United Nations Organisation
1958Recovery of the Province of Tarfaya (under Spanish rule)
February 26, 1961Death of His Majesty Mohammed V. His Majesty King Hassan II received the pledge of allegiance
March 3, 1961Enthronment of His Majesty King Hassan II
1969Recovery of the city Sidi Ifni , formerly under Spanish rule
November 6, 1975The Green March : 350,000 volunteers crossed the artificial borders between the mother land and the Sahara
November 14, 1975Signing of the Madrid Accords whereby Morocco restored its sovereignty over the Sahara
March 4, 1980Visit by His Majesty King Hassan II to Dakhla, in the Province of Oued Eddahab,( former Rio de Oro), in the Moroccan Sahara
February 17, 1989Signing of the Treaty establishing the Arab Maghreb Union (U.M.A), in Marrakesh
May 1990His Majesty announced the establishment of an Advisory Council for Human Rights
July 1990His Majesty announced the establishment of a National Council for Youth and the Future
September 4, 1992Referendum to amend the 1972 Constitution
August 29, 1993Inauguration of the Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca
June 25 and September 17,1993General Elections
April 15,1994Ministerial Conference(GATT) held in Marrakesh
October 29,1994Economic Summit on the Middle East & North Africa held in Casablanca