Egyptian pyramid Egypt is located in northeastern Africa and covers an area of approximately 1,001,450 sq km. It reaches to the Mediterranean coast on the north and Suez Canal, Gulf of Suez and Red Sea on the east direction. The State of Israel is attached to the east of Sinai. Libya shares its western border and Sudan its southern border.

    Egypt is an overwhelmingly desert country, divided by the River Nile. More than 90% of the country is covered by the deserts; the Libyan Desert to the west, the Sahara and Nubian Deserts to the south and the Arabian Desert to the east. There are oases scattered across this wasteland and a swathe of land along the Suez Canal which is cultivated, but it is mainly the land irrigated and fed by the River Nile - the Nile valley and the Nile Delta - that is both habitable and arable.

    The Sinai Peninsula is formed of a sand desert and also spectacular mountains rising as high as 2,637m above the sea level.


Egypt's capital, standing where East meets West and combining the exorcism of the one and the sophistication of the other, is the largest city on the African continent and the heart of the Arab world. With its "thousand minarets", picturesque Oriental bazaars plush Nile-side hotels and apartment blocks, and gracious residential districts, it is also a rare blend of a long past still throbbing with life and a vibrant, modern present.


The shining pearl of the Mediterranean, and the beacon radiating its deep-rooted culture and heritage to the world at large. This was Egypt's first great city, started by the Greek ruler Alexander the Great in the fourth century BC. Approximately, 10% of Egypt's population lives here

Alexandria lies north-west of the Nile Delta and adjoins Lake Mariut. It is linked to Cairo by the Delta Road (231 km) and the Desert Road (225 km). It is one of the most notable summer resorts in the Middle East, for, in addition to its temperate winters, its beaches, with soft sands and magnificent scenery, stretch for 40 km. along the Mediterranean Sea, from Abu Kir, in the east, to Sidi Abdul Rahman, in the west.


All other settlement points are much smaller then Cairo and Alexandria. The population living outside these two large cities live by farming on the fertile black soil of Nile valley. The towns such as Ismailiya, Port Said and Suez are largely market places for the local rural people. Other towns like Aswan and Luxor are famous with their resorts and historical surroundings. The resorts along the Red Sea coast and oases in Sinai are very popular tourist destinations.