from the Egyptian Museum

Egypt is the cradle of civilization, the beacon of religion and the gateway to Africa. airo is the foremost capital on the African continent and lies at the centre of all routes leading to, and from the capitals of the three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe .

Egypt, for over fifty centuries, engendered the development of culture and civili- zation: Pharaonic, Christian and Islamic; and, all during those long years, has generously contributed, (and received) to Europe.

Consequently, when in Cairo - the capital of Egypt - you will never, not even for a moment, feel a lonely traveller! In fact, you will enjoy travelling through time, from one period to another, exhilarated by the history of those who remained immortal, though their bodies were laid to rest thousands of years ago.

Cairo, which has enfolded various civilizations, does not concede to mortality which it has overcome.

Cairo, the city where past and present meet, invites you to come and enjoy its beautiful all-year weather, and visit the immortal monuments and relics, especially the ancient pyramids, in Giza, which comprise :