The bear figurine, middle bronze age
The bear figurine, Middle Bronze Age.

The Archaeological Characteristics
Remains and Finds
Cultural Environment
History of Research

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The view of Liman Tepe from the southwest

Liman Tepe is situated at the iskele district of Urla. It is located opposite Karantina Island and forms a headland which is largely protected from the prevailing northerly winds, making it a suitable location for settlement. It was determined that the two bays flanking the headland to the east and west stretched further south in ancient times, making the ancient headland much longer than it is today.

Modern houses are found on the eastern and western edges, as well as on the rocks at the northern tip of the headland (Plan 2.A). Furthermore, the Izmir - Cesmealti road divides the headland into two in an east-west direction (Plan 1 and 2).

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