This huge underground city of Derinkuyu was capable of accommodating 20,000 inhabitants for many centuries. It is located 10kms to the South of Kaymakli. The city was abandoned a long time ago and stayed hidden under the ground until 1968.

The founders of this deep settlement place were thought to be Hittites. During the millenniums after Christ the city was utilised by the early Christians for hiding purposes.

Only the first 8 floors have been excavated until now. It is estimated that there are many other floors existing underneath and the city is interconnected to the other subterranean cities in the area. The only other underground city, which was discovered recently, is Kaymakli. Scientists estimate that there might be at least 30 more underground cities, still undiscovered, in the area.

The discovered area of Derinkuyu is about 4 kilometer squares already. There is a vast network of air shafts, water wells, water tanks at the bottom and various access tunnels, in the city. There are also a vast number of kitchens, living rooms, stores, meeting rooms, cemeteries, churches and corridors connecting different segments of the city to each other. This is a fully established city with all necessary facilities inside.

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