The valley is approximately 25kms from underground city of Derinkuyu, to the northeast. The tall rock formations made of volcanic tuff were carved by the early Christians for making a number of churches. There are also a large number of pigeon houses marked with white rings on the facade. Some of the churches were abandoned earlier and converted into pigeon houses during the following ages. Most of them are restored now to their original shape.

One of the most notable churches in the area is the "Church with the Black Heads" or "Karabas Kilise" in local language. The faces of the saints on the wall paintings were blackened by oxidation of the elements in the paint material throughout the ages, caused this church be named like this.

Another one, the "Church with a Dome" or "Kubbeli Kilise" is famous with its large dome shaped ceiling and two storey structure. This carved rock church belonged to two different churches, one on each floor.

The "Church of St.Barbara" consists of two churches in one structure, also. The barely visible figures of St.Barbara on the walls indicate that the churches were devoted to St.Barbara. The state of frescoes on the walls has been deteriorated badly.

Finally, the "Church with the Beast" was carved into the rock in a simple square plan. The name of the church comes from the fresco, which indicates a wild animal standing next to St.John.

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