The town of Avanos is 18kms. away from Nevsehir to the north. It is located to both sides of Kizilirmak (Halys). This town was first settled in the Bronze Age. We have excavated some artifacts from this age in the nearby tumulus of Toprakli. Its previous name was Vanessa.

The town is famous with its hand-made pottery and hand-knotted carpets. The ferrous soil reserves around the town helped to the creation of local pottery industry since the early ages. This soil gives a red color to Halys river and that is why it is called Kizil (red) - irmak (river) in the local language. The area is also well known with its vineyards for many centuries.

The geometric and local plant figures decorate the terra-cotta pots and locally knotted carpets, traditionally.

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