On the southwest Aegean coast of Anatolia, Didyma the sacred place of ancient Anatolia, is only 4 km away from the sea and 15 kms. to the south of Akkoy, a small village of city of Aydin. Didyma was a sacred place starting from the 8th century B.C. There are two important temples; Apollon and Artemis temples.

The Apollon temple was the more prominent one of these two. Before Hellenistic age in Anatolia, the temple of Apollon was a small archaic temple, far earlier than the foundation of the remarkable sanctuary of worship devoted to god Apollon.

During archaic and Hellenistic periods, the temple of Apollon became a prime sacred site for Anatolians. The whole structure was destroyed by Persions in 494 B.C. and the cult of Apollon was taken to Persia.

Didyma was reconstructed and the cult statue was brought back from Ekbatana under the leadership of Diadochen Seleukos I. He began to build a new temple in place of the old one in 300 B.C. The whole structure was completed in more than 300 years. During the Byzantine age, the temple was used as a fortress and later as a church. An earthquake, in the 15th century, damaged the temple and the surrounding structures. Since then it is left as a ruin.

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